Exposing Metaphysical Exploitation (Moon, Reiki, False Light)

This spur-of-the-moment series (conceptualized in the week after George Floyd’s death) will address three topics, each of which are agents of human exploitation in this world.

  • The Moon
  • Reiki
  • False Light

My general advice is to start googling (or duckduckgoing) down these rabbit holes and expose your mind to unorthodox information around the concepts posed below. This is not about identifying with or accepting any info as gospel, nor taking anyone’s word for it, including mine. It’s merely about the breadth of exposure so as to allow yourself a better probability of accessing the truth through your own inner means, and of reëvaluating, for your own benefit, beliefs and behaviors that may have been built on untruth.

The Age of Spiritual Illiteracy Has Expired

With George Floyd, Black People are being — once again — exploited.

For millennia they’ve been exploited for labor and servitude and more than I can even recall. Now, they are being exploited for the ignition of civil war.

Anyone with a clear mind and an anchored heart knows that the cop’s actions were unacceptable and know that the looting and destruction are intolerable. Neither of these things need explaining … unless people are not heart-anchored and are not clear-headed.

What is even less evident, is that many aspects of the protest response were stoked and provoked by design. The Matrix (the reality, not the movie) runs on traumatized human emotional energy, sometimes referred to as ‘loosh’. The Matrix is dying out. Thanks to unaware protesters who allow themselves unwittingly to be sparked rabid by injustice and provocation, the Matrix now has a new tank of fuel.

Being alive today without being an accomplice to Agent Smith takes a good deal more discernment than “doing what’s right.”

To be in spiritual alignment with this situation, first FEEL your feelings WITHOUT acting; and then when you are centeredafter feeling, tune into your intuition and see what action you may (or may not) be guided to take.

That is an acceptable approach to injustice and provocation. There is a positive uprising that’s finally confronting centuries of oppression, and if you feel inspired to be a part of it, then listen to that. But some aspects of the response to this murder are fueling a yet greater atrocity.

If silence is consent to violence when it comes to racial injustice, then spiritual ignorance and illiteracy are complicity with the outright perversion of this Human species.

There! This is a checkmate for the people who propagate social engineering scripts like programmed robots. If Silence is Violence, then Illiteracy is Complicity with Evil.

Now, are all of the people who propagate the former going to start regurgitating the latter? No. Because the former, even if it began organically, is backed by the Matrix, which many of these script-pushers have traded parts of their hearts, souls, and minds for. Especially members of the Liberal and Spiritual communities, who are more obsessed with “being right” and “feeling good” than considering whether their righteousness and goodfeelings are aligned with the overarching truth of this universe and reality.

Turning a blind eye to crimes against humanity is its own injustice, for sure.

But surrendering oneself to become an oblivious voicebox for a slogan and a movement and then coercing and harassing others to plug into the same scripts and social engineering — otherwise they must be wrong and out of line — is mind control and Matrix programming, and indeed nearly identical to the behavior the movement purports to be against.

Because: the Matrix plays all sides against each other. It played cops against people and people against cops, just as it’s been playing Liberals against Conservatives for years. It has simply used Black People as pawns for this particular tug of war. Like I said: exploited once again.

If silence is consent to violence when it comes to racial injustice, then spiritual ignorance is the outright complicit perversion of this human species. If you turn away because you don’t agree with spirituality or don’t get it, there is a high probability that your unawareness is complicit with the greatest crimes against Humanity from an esoteric level.

There is no more time for casual, laissez-faire spirituality or secularity. Now, you either learn at the same rate things are progressing, or you end up part of the forces regressing progression. Illiteracy is intolerable and ignorance is dying.

If you’ve been prancing around telling people that their (possibly authentic and aligned) silence is “wrong,” but you shy away from my words … well, that’s hypocrisy in a nutshell: checkmate.

To those who haven’t played into such Orwellian social engineering, I honor your sovereignty but am speaking out loud and clear on these issues. To those who have not honored others’ sovereignty, well, I honor yours too, I just see through your violatory behavior.

Now that engineered racial injustice is finally being deemed unacceptable, along with many other exposures in society, the era of spiritual illiteracy has likewise expired.

“If those individuals who want to control you, want conflict, want riots, want violent opposition between citizens, want you separated and want you divided against one another, then the chess move you need to make is to UNITE. You must do the opposite that they would have you do. The heat is being turned up on you and you are being called into radical unification.“ – Teal Swan

This means police, protesters, Black people, White people, Liberals, and Conservatives must recognize they are standing on the same streets, members of the same species. Any division is delusion. Holding each other accountable for any wrongs done, does not require division and conquering.

Article: https://tealswan.com/teals-blog/the-real-message-behind-george-floyds-death-r581/

Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CA8eZeFlwyQ/

NOTE: I don’t think it makes a difference whether you deem the controversial Teal Swan demonic or divine, or somewhere in between; I find that her points often stand on their own. If you cannot discern information beyond association to someone else or to your own ego complexes, that’s another part of our collective problem.

The Moon

Where to even begin. The oblivious attitude of my spiritual comrades towards the Moon unsettles me deeply.

This is the one topic where secular people can be let off the hook a little bit — because they don’t obsess over the Moon nor delegate their power to it like “spiritual” people do!

Many ancient traditions have records and tales of this world without the Moon as we know it (see links at the end of this section). This Moon came here later in Earth’s history, and seemingly not by invitation.

Where secular people must be put back on the hook is with their far-fetched theories that don’t account for the Moon being out of bounds from the standard deviation of probability.

Sure, maybe it bulged out of the Earth from an asteroid impact or landed in orbit from some other celestial journey… And while it was setting up shop around Earth, it just happened to nudge itself into a cozy orbit that perfectly blocks out the Sun and perfectly keeps a singular face of a whole sphere aimed at this planet, is that right? Secular scientists have to jump through so many hoops to justify the Moon’s oddities. Alas, they must be hung on the hook beside spiritual people.

At best, in esoteric terms, possibly, the Moon can be thought of as an unformed fetus with an umbilical cord to its mother, this planet Earth. This is the best case scenario I’ve come across and intuited as being possible. Like a baby, it needs its host and may even disturb and destabilize its host, but out of innocence rather than malice. However, I am not convinced of this angle.

At worst, the Moon is a negative alien spaceship parked in orbit in order to observe and prey upon this planet, similar in purpose to a Death Star.

Either way, the “spiritual” obsession with ritualizing around this object is absurd. I understand how easy it is to get swept into “new moon manifestations” and “charging crystals in moonlight” and “return of the goddess,” for in the dawning ignorance of my awakening I also got swept into these things.

But this is the main caveat I see with “awakening.” People begin waking up and questioning things … then they get comfortable and cozy with a certain level, and stop questioning, stop awakening, stop evolving. Rituals and crystal charging is fun, why question further! Learning about conspiracies means I’m wiser! If it’s metaphysical, it must be divine and spiritual!

Such is the False Light’s greatest ploy, to be elaborated later.

As far as I can discern, the Moon has zero connection to goddess energies or to the Divine Feminine.

The Moon is a prostitute and a whore.

Even without an esoteric perspective, it takes zero effort to recognize how this Moon ravages Earth.

“Lunacy” is derived literally from its tactics of tormenting the subconscious/astral bodies of people without offering resolution to that torment. (Not so Goddess-like after all.) The Moon’s tugging on the tides of the ocean are the physical analogue to disturbing the emotional-astral bodies of people, and whatever wounds have developed therein. When I tuned into the Moon myself, I felt how it has been zipping around this planet for millennia, energetically shredding it like a peeler upon a pear. The Moon is the real-world analogue to the symbolism of the malevolent All-Seeing Eye — not the eye of God, but the eye of those fancy themselves in the place of God.

The Moon is not a goddess. The Moon is a bitch.

EARTH is the correlate to the Divine Mother. The Earth births life — the Moon torments it. If there’s any celestial object to be revered for the Goddess and the Divine Feminine, it is the Earth — the woman who has put up with a wayward species with very little complaint, I might add.

So how on Earth did this get reversed and distorted?

False Light on the one side, and spiritual illiteracy on the other.

The attitude and distortion that envelops the Moon has seeped into astrology and mythology overall. It is true, each planet and star and god and goddess has their own frequency, which, by the interconnected fractal nature of the universe, we can be affected and influenced by, and can even evoke for learning and interaction. That is true enough. It’s fine to consult astrology to see how these frequencies may impact, mold, buffer, or illuminate one’s personal life experience.

But to submit oneself to astrology or to worship a planetary object, even when it’s not a false prostitute, is so out of spiritual alignment and integrity.

Reverence: okay.

Submission, servitude, and ritual: think again.

Many know I once lived in Los Angeles. Aside from typical Matrix distortions, there was nothing really wrong with the city or the people I knew there, but my life was built on inner delusions which I hadn’t yet purged, and by the end, the false lifestyle I was living crumbled from underneath me by the direct intervention of my soul. (The best thing to have happened to this Human writing to you!)

Right before I moved was a two-week-long Mercury Retrograde. This was the longest two weeks of my life, packed with more circumstantial hardship than I had ever known. Miscommunication with friends. Tech trouble. Car breakdowns.

Mercury Retrograde is real … when you are living out of spiritual integrity and have inner energetic incongruencies which you have to try to keep in check, like china falling off shelves in an earthquake. Just like the Moon tearing through people’s astral distortions, any of these planets will disturb the unwholesome energetics we carry inside of us, until we purify them. Our fragile, illusory china will crash to the floor at some point — astrological alignments simply instigate that process.

And the primary reason things “outside of us” hurt us “inside,” is because we have a hole inside that matches the thing outside, even when the two may look nothing alike. As if we have this delicate piece of sentimental china on a shelf in the dark recesses of our mind, and when a passerby accidentally glares through the window in the direction of that china, we feel offended. Even though the passerby couldn’t see through the glass and was squinting at their own reflection.

The thing outside just makes itself at home, pushing the button we provided.

When you claim and adhere to personal spiritual sovereignty (and if you want to be happy and fulfilled in this lifetime, you might consider it), outer frequencies may add ‘flavors’ to your overall life, but they cannot usurp your life, and there is certainly zero justification in submitting oneself to these frequencies or offering energy to them.

So the Moon isn’t truly at fault here. The fault is in spirituality-illiterate spiritual people who are STILL giving away their power to external people and objects. This behavior has harmed the peoples of this planet for millennia, and “spiritual people” are some of the greatest perpetrators. Regardless whether the Moon be a goddess or a bitch, it is spiritually invalid to nominate it as having any power of inherent dominance in your life or in this world.

This is the true problem in spirituality these days: offloading our power.

I’ve been guilty of so much of this myself. Purifying myself of these unnecessary bondages is how I’ve developed a discerning eye for it.

This is a wakeup call for those who still open up their hearts, souls, and energetics to the Moon — especially women, whose bodies have been physically tethered to this false entity. It’s time for people — especially spiritually-inclined people — to reflect on how they may have gotten swept into any of this behavior, and how to purify themselves from it.

The age of tolerating spiritual illiteracy is over, and the casual obsession with the Moon is one of the most primary, inescapable exploitations of the Human species.

In other news, the August 2017 eclipse was the pivotal energetic event which somehow compelled or allowed my soul to reclaim the life of this Human, beginning my personal Ascension/Embodiment process. From June 5 through July 4 (!) we were in a window of three eclipses. Eclipses are pivotal junctures of evolution for life on Earth (likely made more traumatic, disorienting, or intense via the Moon’s conceit).

Eclipses break down the false. So if you’re not ready yet, certain events like eclipses will be getting you ready. Mercury Retrograde may taunt us with our imperfections, but eclipses raise us out of ego comforts and up to a higher standard.

The light of the Sun is true.

The motherhood of Earth is true.

The Moon is a con artist between the two.



When I was ignorant and illiterate, but awakening, I often sensed something “off” about certain things.

But since I had been heavily conditioned out of trusting myself by “education” and society, I did not trust my guidance and in fact often gaslighted myself, experiencing an emotion or sensation but writing it off to appease the overriding circumstances. When something like Reiki felt suspicious while someone else exclaimed its merits to me, I erased my intuition and followed along, trusting someone else’s spiritual affairs to overrule my own.

When I tune into Reiki now, it feels like a slithering slime that grips to the astral body, with mischievous puppeteers pulling the strings from the rafters. Luminescent for sure, but FALSE, entrapping spiritually-awakening people like the glimmering, alluring web spun by an endearing Black Widow.

Reiki has to be one of the greatest developments/hijackings of the False Light. Contemporary Reiki capitalizes on the human flaws of “needing to know” and “fitting in” and “tell me what to do so I know I’m doing it right” and “just fix me” and “I need money to survive.” These are potent ingredients in the recipe of being taken advantage of.

False Light stepped in to fill the void with wicked glee.

Reiki may have once been pure, innocent, and genuine, but now that we’re in the Apocalypse, the time has come to open the curtains, let in the true light, and look at the darkness and infiltration hiding in our home bases.

I understand the mental urges to “find the right system” and “make sure I’m doing it right” and “help people.” I’ve wanted the same for myself. I wish there were an authentic, standardized system of healing. (And possibly there is, but it’s likely been suppressed or slandered.) However, I feel one would be far safer working with energy through their own intuition and talents and refining it over time, or otherwise processing teachers and systems through an extreme vetting process to validate their integrity before learning from them. Yet if a person feels they aren’t qualified to be vetting others’ techniques as pure or sullied, perhaps they’re not not qualified to be dabbling in energy work at all. (The only external, structured system I can think of recommending is Donna Eden’s work, which utilizes the body’s innate energies and circuits — not something external.)

Another part of the trap of Reiki is when spiritual people haven’t resolved the fear/issues with money and desperately seek out a system to grant them money that is also spiritual. This is so ironic, because it seems to be the same ego complex that causes plenty of dirty stereotypes in Western society, like car salesmen who sell lemons and lawyers who sue defenseless people to make a buck. Just because it makes you money in the spiritual/metaphysical community does not guarantee its integrity. Just because it’s metaphysical does not make it divine.

If you resist this awareness around Reiki, it may be because you perceive it as “working,” which may be because you’re a natural healer/healee. Which means you don’t need Reiki to do your job or to heal your life!

But if someone continually needs and needs and needs Reiki for the same or similar problem, that is not healing, and this is one of the red flags of Reiki.

Perhaps the most well-designed trap of Reiki is its allure to awakening people who want to heal themselves and others, but think they need some outside system/force to do so, as if the innate consciousness of their soul and body is incapable of betterment without little rune symbols that act as hexes. Furthermore, craving external fix-me healing (whether from Reiki or anything/anyone else) is a red flag of one’s ego and unlikely to yield great results (more likely to yield a pattern that perpetuates ad nauseam). Still to this day, we are not regularly taught that healing occurs within. If Reiki or anything else works, it’s simply because it nudged our own puzzle back into order.

Like with the Moon, offloading any aspect of our power or wellbeing to something external is spiritually invalid. Even when that something is “universal energy.” True universal energy does not come from outside of us, but from within. If you want to connect with Infinity, well, it’s not “out there” there in the vastness of space.

The awakening-but-spiritually-illiterate are heavily preyed on via False Light tactics such as this. We must stop falling into these traps ourselves, we must start speaking out about them, and we must prevent the innocent awakeners from falling into these traps themselves.

This particular awakening may be rough, but the integrity of your soul is at stake … literally. Reiki is or has become False Light which does not on its own heal people and which certainly feeds negative agendas, otherwise it wouldn’t have been systemized into existence and made so prevalent and available!

Reiki is the Matrix’s endorsed metaphysical modality, just as allopathy is the Matrix’s endorsed physical modality. Neither actually heal.

Furthermore, Reiki seems to have a pyramidal architecture (rising up in ranks until you top out).

The age of the pyramid — in form, in business, in scheme — is over.

It’s funny… Christian Paranoia is not right about many things, such as banishing spirituality sourced from outside of the Bible. (Spirituality and God/Consciousness are innate to us, ultimately requiring no book, middlemen priests, nor external guidance, which can only serve to point us in the right direction but too often does the opposite.) But the Christian attitude is sort of correct in that certain “outside things” are imposters, preying on the spiritually unaware. As a Starseed, I hold zero allegiance to Christianity, but when it — or anything else — is on point, I acknowledge it.

Reiki, or deep infiltrations into it, seem to be a trap these days. I pray the people involved with it tune into it and purge themselves of its stronghold.

I have also been exposed to ‘Shambalah’. I’d never heard of it … until it was channeled into me WITHOUT invitation or authorization.

This behavior of imposing Reiki/anything on someone else, for any reason, is also spiritually invalid as it violates free will. Such an action is a violation of spiritual sovereignty.

We cannot righteously impose healing or energies up on another. We can only pray they find truth/wellbeing from within themselves, regardless of outside influences.

The truth is inside. Therein will you find Infinity, and thus all that you seek. Perhaps, you can trust the outside when it is a downstream byproduct of something already inside of you.

But until exposed and expunged, the empirical outside is the greatest trap of this reality. Beware when it claims to grant you something you don’t believe to have within.


False Light

This is the overall umbrella that spans the two previous issues.

There is an intelligent essence that strives to usurp consciousness. It is smart, it is cunning, it IS what we consider “evil.” (If you think Trump is evil, you’ve not yet encountered Evil. The fact that so many people mistake an underdeveloped Masculine Essence as innately Evil proves how screwed up human consciousness remains.)

There are many technicals concerning the topic of False Light (demons, aliens, entities, attachments, traumas, traps) that I’m not going to dive further into. The truth lives not in information, but in Knowing. Focusing on the details in a cursory article like this risks losing the big picture, especially if you’re becoming aware of the big picture for the first time.

False Light is an overall ‘process’ of provoking, contaminating, and cordoning off consciousness for its own gains. It’s this process, and vigilance against this process, that matters more than the “what’s doing it.” If you don’t see the process at play, you’ll just be tricked left and right to play right into its variety of presentations. The process and function is more important than the details. (Keep that in mind with any “truth-seeking.” Fact can be fiction and fiction can be fact.)

Just like God is not a singular individual entity but rather Infinite Consciousness (seemingly identical to the Field of Potentiality in Quantum Science), Evil is not a singular entity either. The Devil is but a personable mask for a distortion, contamination, and artifice of consciousness which seeks to perpetuate its broken condition, because it cannot survive on its own due to its spiritually malnourished and dysfunctional state. It must feed off of us to live, and in order to feed off of us, it must convince us to give it raw energy (known as ‘loosh’) — such as by participating in a ritual on the New Moon, or charging up emotions/ego/hatred in a protest, or participating in war.

Here is the issue.

“Light” is an innate part of the universe and an aspect of consciousness, along with Sound. Seeking the Light is a perfectly fine, normal, and noble thing to do. It’s natural to the soul and even to the ego. Like plants emerging from the dirt, we bend toward the light.

Unfortunately, Humanity has been kept in the darkness of a spiritual wilderness for so long, that they mistake ANY light for “Light.”

Plants don’t know the difference between sunlight versus the red lamps basking them in the damp darkness of a dingy basement. The plant just craves light, or it dies.

So it is with Humans. (Or do plants know the difference? That would be interesting, because it would indicate they can get by with fake light but still know/need true light.)

Another metaphor, is to imagine you’ve been in a coma for your whole life (a spiritual coma!). Then, you wake up in a room (a room full of conspiracy theories and truthers and hidden agendas!), and the first light you see is the fluorescent tubes spanning the ceiling. It’s bright, it’s inspiring, it’s overwhelming. It feels so different and alive compared to the coma, it must be good!

Except if you’re at all in tune with being spiritual, being an empath, or otherwise appreciating interior design, you know fluorescent lights are one of the worst, most hideous forms of artificial light. Even unawake people can’t stand them.

Just because something is blinding or something is metaphysical, does not make it Light with an L. In spirituality we have True Light and we have fluorescent light, False Light.

The way False Light has tricked so many people, is because awakening people, especially Earthlings, don’t realize that they are waking up into the overall trap, not waking up out of the trap — waking up back into the same room that induced the coma, rather than exiting the room and returning to the Infinity that birthed their Individuality. The trap is multidimensional and multilayered, trapping people even as they recognize the trap, even as they level up in awareness.

Waking up from your coffin cubicle of a 9-5 job? No worries, there’s an even better trap for you in the New Age! Crystals sold separately.

The False Light’s only goal is to keep you in its illusion, known as Maya in Eastern traditions. It matters not whether it does so through overt evil or covert, falsified appearance of divinity. It has no moral code and plays all sides against each other.

This is why there are so many agendas and segregations — an overarching attempt to divide and conquer through any avenue possible. This accounts for American Politics, World Wars, and some “Angels” and Demons.

Since it was the fallout of the death of George Floyd which inspired this article, it merits mentioning that rap has been overwhelmingly hijacked by False Light and turned against Black People, distorting a medium that was a poetic expression of emotion and using it as a vehicle for espousing crime, guns, violence, dirty money, and prostitution. Rap has been turned against Black People in order to program them against their own welfare, exploiting them yet again (see the article linked below this section for further insight).

Evil seeks to divide and conquer all, from within and without alike. Evil knows not friendship, only accomplices and obstacles to its domination.

Unawakened Humans, especially those who have bio-physiological and “mental” health issues, get lured into overt darkness and perpetrate it, incapable of seeing clearly from the level of density they’ve sunk to. The ideology of Hitler is one such manifestation of this. These people hit a ceiling which they cannot perceive beyond, forcing them to look laterally for survival, often by taking advantage of others.

But how will New Agers or Liberals or gay people or Black People or Conservatives take it when they discover that the same overarching energetics as Hitler are slyly running their communities? This is the True Awakening. My overall awakening began for me in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2016 — after some freaky, awkward, naïve experiences in Sedona — that I began to truly wake up to how grizzly spirituality is on Earth. This is why I consider Earth a spiritual wilderness.

Terrestrial spirituality is NOT bliss and nirvana. It is witnessing Evil, and purging it from our Hearts, Minds, Souls, Bodies, Cultures, and Communities, with all the turmoil implied in such an endeavor. The bliss-escapism attitude may have certain elements of authenticity, but these days it is an overall ego trap (craving “light” only because of running from darkness), which makes it yet another cunning False Light trap.

Like I love to say, don’t focus on “feeling good,” focus on Feeling True. Because if you can allow energetics and emotions to move through you without judgement/blockage, then that flow will “feel good,” rather than the dead-end effort of risky attitudes like “positive thinking.” If you can Feel Anything, you are invincible. (Now, reflect on all the people, perhaps yourself, who refuse to feel things in themselves or to feel into others’ positions because they’re “bad,” while at the same time labeling their own behavior as “good” or “righteous.”)

Yet another brilliant False Light trap is the Tunnel of Light upon death. “Just go into the light,” they say. “There you’ll be taken care of,” they say.

Nope. Doesn’t seem like it.

The Tunnel of (False) Light is designed to siphon recently dis-incarnated souls and push them back onto the wheel of reincarnation without true regard for them or their divinely-ordained free will. The Buddha talked much about breaking this wheel of samsara, but it’s a shame he didn’t expose the esoterica behind it (as far as I’m aware).

Reincarnation as a process is valid and has a function in the evolution of souls, but it has, like many things, been hijacked by a hierarchical system with agendas. Ask any Starseed and you’ll know how tormenting it is to be trapped in-form on this planet, when we remember pure planets and worlds that had little to no such tyrannic spiritual control. Yes, we came here. But no, it’s not easy to get out once inside. We’re all in this together now, and there’s no escaping until we bring down the whole house (Matrix). (Which will be happening sooner than later, which is why the falsified, normalized-abnormal world is destabilizing NOW.)

True reincarnation would grant us the free will to choose the incarnation (or not), and to work through karmic imprints with greater ease than terrestrial density affords. To siphon souls back into the system without karmic assistance or true spiritual teachings is akin to holding them back in school and making them repeat a grade … when the whole school system is false to begin with and not teaching them what they need to graduate.

So how has this all happened?

Humans are incredibly myopic, especially due to how manipulated and modified they’ve been over time. (Got genetic mutations, like I do, that require dedicated maintenance to sustain health and wellbeing? The wilderness of terrestrial spirituality doesn’t get more real than that.)

People spend a lifetime fearing their one death at the end, imagining it’s all over, so why bother about anything at all. Meanwhile, Evil has been planning and masterminding and commandeering this planet and its population for eons. Human myopia and spiritual ignorance are some of the greatest threats to the Human Condition, for they will never outrun Evil.

This is why they must come to an end. I always knew assisting this end was part of my role, but I won’t deny how unnerving it has been to get here. I’ve had my run-ins with Evil. I’ve spent years inside this body while it could barely express my soul and more often expressed severe psycho-spiritual distortions which I was all-too-good at hiding behind the shield of my flesh. Life on Earth is no joke, and spirituality is no laughing matter. (Yet many people, especially the “intelligent ones,” do laugh at the woo-woo-ness spirituality: +1 for False Light!)

This time we’re in is, literally, the Apocalypse, apo-kaluptein, the uncovering — the Revelation. The Bible prophesied an Extinction Level Event type of Apocalypse. Fortunately, that threat has been downgraded. COVID is Cataclysm Lite.

Yet, the future is ultimately secure. As in: everything will be fine, and better than fine.

Or, honestly, I would not have come to this planet and put up with all of this psychotic metaphysical bullshit. Thank God, literally, that the Apocalypse commenced within three decades of my lifetime. The hardship endured by my Ascension Elders, those pushing 5 and 6 and 7 decades, if not many more lifetimes, I cannot imagine.

And as for the never-before-wakened Earth Humanity, they’ve endured hardship for literally millennia while being told it was all “normal.”

No, Humanity. None of this is normal. The crime, the suffering, the aggression, the scarcity, the pain, the poisoned food, the tainted medical system, the economic coggery — it is not normal. It’s just been normalized.

And now it is denormalizing and destabilizing so that, once the dust settles, we may See the abnormalities clearly, choose the truth from the wisdom we’ve gained, and at last live in a normal world. A New World. A True World.

Welcome to your awakening.


  • Ecstasy Junkies (Meditation Trap) https://simonarich.com/ecstasy-junkies-meditation-trap/
  • Scene from Star Trek Voyager: Janeway vs the Archon.(Watch the news like a movie, and movies like the news.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v79lVNKthCw
  • False Ascension Matrix from the Ascension Glossary: https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/False_Ascension_Matrix
  • Book: Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill
  • Book: Dispelling Wetiko by Paul Levy — Though I have not yet read this book, it’s always felt very relevant.
  • The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation http://www.hiphopisread.com/2012/04/secret-meeting-that-changed-rap-music.html
  • Book: The Journey of Souls by Michael Newman — This book was written by a secular regression therapist who tapped into what souls are doing outside the body. His methods are sound and his approach scientific. However, the excessive hierarchy present in his depictions of the non-physical realms reek of spiritual contamination and distortion. As above, so below. All of the problems we have down here, have a correlate “up there,” and this book seems to depict them, though unaware it is doing so.
  • Book: Regression: Past Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom by Samuel Sagan of the Clairvision School — This is one of the most succinct yet impactful books in my personal library. It’s not so much about regression as connecting the multifaceted dots between metaphysics, consciousness, and trauma.
  • Emotional Management by Tom Montalk — This article (and elsewhere on Montalk’s website) is one of my FAVORITE concepts ever: Zero, First, and Second Order consciousness. Evil is second order consciousness. Our wounds/shadows/subconscious are first order. God, however you call it/him, is zeroth order consciousness. An excerpt follows:

In other articles on this site (www.montalk.net), a classification system of zero order, first order, and second order beings has been utilized to separate the major types of consciousness. God is a zero order being, humans are first order beings, and thoughtforms or entities without a direct energetic link to God are second order beings. Likewise, there are zero, first, and second order emotions. Zero order emotion is the will of God which essentially powered the Big Bang. First order emotion is true love as humans can experience it, that of truth, knowledge, and awareness. Second order emotions consist of everything else, from illusory love to lust, hatred, fear, jealousy, and contempt. These are false emotions, for they stem not from God but from illusion. Loosh is a generic term for emotional energy, and “negative loosh” implies false emotion, while “positive loosh” means true emotion. … Second order beings are the primary beneficiaries of the matrix for they feed upon their corresponding type of loosh, second order emotion. — https://montalk.net/matrix/64/emotional-management


If you got this far, you either knew all of this already, or you’re at the edge of your seat with uncertainty. What to do? What to feel?? What to think???

Turn inward toward the Heart/Soul/Spirit, and make sure your Heart/Soul/Spirit are the ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY influence on your Mind.

No government influences.

No scientist influences.

No healthcare influences.

No school system influences.

No parental influences.

No societal influences.

No TV influences.

No external influences whatsoever.

You are absolutely free to consult other people and sources in this world, but NOTHING must influence your Mind, except your own Heart. Nothing.

Anywhere your Mind is influenced and programmed by outside forces, and anywhere you offload power and responsibility to something or someone external, regardless of their integrity or authenticity, is where you are trapped and tied to something that is Not You (News, Science, Medicine, School, Religion, Government, Peers, doctors, politicians, scientists, therapists, celebrities, the Moon, the planets, God, gods, goddesses, etc).

It is spiritually inappropriate to operate this way. It does not matter if you are tied to Satan, to the government, to money, a pet, to your spouse, or to Jesus: anything that diminishes your sovereignty is spiritually invalid. You operate as a unique and individual consciousness, not as an incomplete entity needing external fulfillment and validation.

If you feel compulsively drawn to something or someone outside of you, that indicates soul loss / soul trauma, a part of you that you need to retrieve. It does not indicate that you need the thing itself or the person themself.

We must address and surrender all ties born of spiritual disillusionment. We do not need to be attached to anything to survive or thrive. What many people consider “love” is actually ego attachment and emotional triggering/obsession. But the Unconditional Consciousness within us stands on its own two feet.

When you operate from a completely inward-wholesome state, you are effectively invincible to the shenanigans of this world. This is why some people are utterly happy despite all of things occurring at this time! (Raises hand.)

Want to study Reiki to “know how it works,” even if you suspect it’s false? Go for it! Information doesn’t harm us as long as we don’t identify with it or surrender to it.

Feeling called to join a protest even though you know your fellow protesters may be operating as loosh machines for Evil? Keep your soul close and walk into the battlefield!

Do you find the crescents of the Moon beautiful at night, even knowing she’s a prostitute perverting Earth’s peoples? So do I! I love the night sky, and personally wish we had more moons, just not mischievous ones.

Not sure what to do when you die, if you’re not sure about going into the light? Well that’s why you must join together your Heart and Head, for though you can acknowledge and study externalities and information, you must never live by them when your inner guidance demands otherwise. Your Core Consciousness can take you wherever you need. No one needs a tunnel of light to get anywhere.

So if there’s a protest under the Full Moon with a Reiki circle coercing you to join, but your heart feels like camping in the forest and getting away from it all, then that is your divine obligation. It matters not the opinion of anyone else, for your Mind is programmed by your Heart, which is the gateway to your Soul, itself an individual expression of Infinity.

Any and every which way you outsource your inner knowing and guidance, you are playing into the greatest trick in the universe. First we outsourced to parents, then we outsourced to teachers, then bosses, then governments…

It does not matter what entities or individuals comprise the club of Evil, because it is OUR distorted attitude and approach that makes their presence and influence possible. Read that again. Evil is, ultimately, our fault for wanting to be small and insignificant.

Over time, we have given Evil most/all of the permission it needs to do what it is doing. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Evil is desperate for election into our governments, desperate for ratification into our laws, desperate for conviction in our minds.

In order for its agendas to be effective or even work at all, it requires our authorization. We hired Evil, and only we can fire it.

If there’s anything to protest, it’s our own oblivious behavior that has let Evil get this far.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that. That’s why I’m speaking out: in hope that you reëvaluate all of these aspects in your own life, so that you may live as happily and free as you deserve, even during the chaos of the Apocalypse.

When you live from within, you are the eye of the storm without.

Jesus did it. The Buddha laid out the framework to do it. But we’ve lost the time to dilly-dally with our spirituality. If you are overall Heart-based, it’s not like you’re going to be written off from the world stage (though Gaia, the soul of our planet, was close to making such a decision, as prophesied by the historic cataclysm timelines whose timeframe we have now entered and are passing through), but if you do not step up and choose to awaken and heal with each new day of turmoil in this world, life will become incredibly hard for you.

Because it will forcefully expose every outsourcing of integrity you still trap yourself with. It will pressurize the impurity out of you.

Such is how a Divine Intervention functions at a practical level. Personal Soul Sovereignty is the apex of spiritual practice on Earth at this time. God is not bound to anyone or anything, and neither must his children be. Tethers are being cut even when we dare to hold on.

You know the little merry-go-rounds in playgrounds? Not the ones with horses and unicorns, but the ones where you spin yourself on the ground.

Our spiritual vibration/integrity can be likened to sitting in the center of that merry-go-round as it spins. If you’ve ever been on one (or ever spun yourself dizzy in an office chair), you know that drawing in your arms speeds up your spin. Such it is with our spirituality.

The time is over with tying ourselves to outside things and mistaking them for the joy of our own unique spin. The Universal Ascension Process is spinning us faster and faster, which means anywhere we’re holding out our arms will drag us down harder and harder, and hurt more and more, until it hurts too much to keep them held out — finally, we pull them into our sides for the sake of our own stability.

If you want to help those who are still dragging, then you can do so by spinning as fast as possible to show them how it’s done — not by bringing your merry-go-round to a screeching halt to let someone or something hook into you and drag you down. Then both of you will suffer instead of just the other.

This is why any participation in world events must be done with extreme vigilance and spiritual stability, not haphazardly or via social coercion. Your spin is your primary responsibility and the only power you’ve got. Violating it disservices the whole species. The greatest goal of the False Light would be people who stop spinning in their joy, lying comatose on the ground with just enough heartbeat to feel like crap and fuel the system with their misery.

Do not be the fuel of Evil. Evil is outdone by our spin, by our joy, where it cannot latch onto us even when it reaches its tentacles toward us.

If world events are clouding up your vision, then get out to Nature for a while. Humanity may be facing its reckoning, at last, but Earth hasn’t been this happy in eons. The purity of the New World, post-apocalypse, is already available for those who spin up into it, or lay out in the grass for it. I’ve been tuning into it almost everyday, watching the sunsets and wandering into the woods.

When you live from within, you are the eye of the storm without.

When we all become the eyes of this storm, there will be no winds left to uproot us and our world.

To the Stars and Back,

Timothy ✨

The False Light Matrix is why “we’ve got guns in our head that won’t go, spirits in our head that won’t go.”


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