Health Hacking

As of writing I’ve resolved 95% of my major health issues and symptoms spanning over a decade, many the consequences of genetics and also brought on by medical neglect and malpractice. The anecdotes, writeups, resources, and wisdom of the sprawling online community of fellow healthseekers have been instrumental in helping me regain health, and this page serves as a placeholder for my findings and contributions in return.

Correcting genetic deficiencies in C/antioxidants, D, B12, serotonin, and GABA have been the pillars of my return to health, along with slippery elm to improve gut health.

Neurotransmitter Quiz

Are your primary neurotransmitters in order? Maybe not — mine weren’t for over a decade. Surprisingly, these imbalances can fly under the radar and we can be functionally ill for a long time.

Dopamine is the Driven One, going for goal after goal.

Acetylcholine is the Booksmart Romantic who can quote you Shakespeare.

GABA is the Cool, Calm, Structured, Successful Person doing well in their career.

Serotonin is the Merry Hobbit, enjoying life just for the fun of it.

And Adrenaline is the Alert One (and sometimes the Vigilante).

Those are my personal characterizations of the neurotransmitters, largely informed by this useful quiz, the Braverman Test, which offers a gauge of how (im)balanced they are in you. (Adrenaline is not included, but for me it often came out of the woodwork when any of the other four were deficient.)