I knew I was drawn to guys since around the age of 10 and came out at 16. Homosexuality has never been a big ado in my life, yet at the same time has been a primary conduit serving my spirituality; granting me healing, integration, and intimacy as only sexuality can do.

This page is a placeholder for articles in which I will be discussing its rarely-recognized divinity and its many roles in the world today, especially concerning the collective rehabilitation of both the Human Man and the Divine Masculine during the Ascension corridor of these times.

For those who feel themselves ensnared in a Christian matrix that gives rise to tension on this topic, I recommend this lecture by a gay Christian, The Bible and Homosexuality, to help break apart the belief systems while remaining inside the comforts of Christian lexicon and paradigm. It’ll be easier to deconstruct the programming with the same lexicon, than to jump completely out of the programming or into a new paradigm.