Media are the manifested expression of the human condition — for better, and for worse.

Movies always moved me into higher states of awareness around the human condition, making me intimate with lives I’ll never end up living or meeting. Confined by a curriculum designed to robotify me, I walked out of movies different than I walked into them, using them as teachers of life.

Contrary to the chagrin of popular spiritual opposition, I’ve rarely found myself programmed by movies. Instead, I find myself deeply moved and activated. Movies sometimes dug up repressed energies I needed to address; other times catalyzed me into a new level of consciousness; and have even conveniently mirrored some of my deepest transmutations, allowing me to witness my innerscape outside of me.

However the unawake and unaware can be, unwittingly, more easily programmed by everyday media. Not everyone uses movies as a spiritual school like I have. This allows me to see both sides: the potential for rich evolution from media, and also the unseen and even mischievous tactics woven into it.

So my talent and duty is to review everyday, mainstream movies, sharing the activations they inspired in me — while pointing out the clues, omens, and truths hidden in plan sight. I get to reverse engineer this everyday entertainment into spiritual teachings. Any programming movies have done up to this point, I will attempt to undo. (This has been a destiny of mine forever. However, funny enough, the Matrix — the reality, not the movie — sideswiped me off my path and I ended up in the film industry, where I became a stressed-out economic slave working on movies instead of decoding them.)

Tip: As long as you let the content of media flow through you like a river while lightheartedly observing what that content surfaces in you without attachment, you’re pretty safe from programming. You can only be programmed if you latch on to some aspect of the content and identify with it — or if the content pings some distorted, unresolved element of your subconscious, which ends up tormenting you until you dissolve it.

Pro tip: Watch the News like a movie and movies like the News, and you’ll awaken very rapidly indeed.

This pages serves as a placeholder for my series Cinemeta, Librameta, and Musimeta; my personal meta-level analyses of various forms of media I come across.