WWSSII: A Review of Global Energetics

II. Armageddon Desperation

Even in the best of times, things were not always as they seemed. Things were still off.

During prosperity, there remained poverty.

During health, there festered disease.

During play, there risked perversion.

Let’s be frank: the Old Normal that some people want to go back to was never that great.

It appeared great because the abnormal was out of sight and our lurking fear of survival was assuaged paycheck after paycheck. But the second we got a whiff of what was going on in the darkness of society, it should have become clearer that things were not as they seem. That something was rancid, and we simply avoided smelling it.

The Old Normal wasn’t so normal after all.

II.1 The Odor of Evil

I’ve been reflecting on those unseen shadows which have gone by many names, have done many deeds.

The Illuminati. The Elite. The Cabal. Satanists. Luciferians. Evil. Human traffickers. Sex abusers. Pedophiles. These are just some of the things hidden in the shadows of the Old Normal with varying degrees of truth and consequence.

Can anyone really claim they want to go back to that normal?

There is no going back to normal — and good riddance.

II.2 The Scam of Evil

Good riddance with the past, for Evil has been creeping throughout the Old Normal, and Evil likes to think big. It has no small goals. Only ruthless goals of world domination, depopulation, death, and destruction.

And whether you see it yet or not, with the pandemic, Evil has pulled out all the stops in pursuit of its plans. Evil is desperate for its manufactured Armageddon.

And that is the primary point of this section: Armageddon is being engineered. It is a false project with no innate inevitability, no spiritual substance, and absolutely no divine destiny.

Another way of saying it: Biblical Armageddon is “real” — yet is, in truth, a fake, fraudulent, spiritual scam being drawn over us.

Without the insanity of Evil, the shadows of our society wouldn’t exist. Evil is real, but Evil is not true. And at some point, the untrue breaks apart.

That’s why this is the revelation of Apocalypse more than the doom of Armageddon.* The uncovering, not the end. At worst, its their end, not ours.

Evil betted on never being opposed, and on triumphing over all who dared oppose it. Evil hoped to domineer and someday rule us visibly. Evil wanted to come out of the shadows to bask in the glory of its twisted ingenuity.

Well, it is coming out of the shadows — and there’s much still to be revealed to Humanity — but Evil is not exiting its darkness with the pomp and circumstance it had hoped for. Its ignoble intentions and visions are being thwarted. It is desperate. It has tried (and failed) to jumpstart World War III multiple times, and its backup plans are falling apart as well.

The only place where this insanity still appears normal is on the news. (Bingo.)

At this point, the perpetrators of Evil may regret ever wanting more than to merely pull the strings of society from behind the scenes. Their audacity is their demise.

Evil has met its match with the Universe / Spirit / God / Divine Intervention. Choose your pick of concept. Even by scientific-secular standards, the entropy of Evil is inherently unsustainable.

*Note: By technical definition, this time is Armageddon, “the last battle between good and evil,” but it is not the emotionalized doom, destruction, and death that people associate with Armageddon, which would only exist via artificial manufacturing. The goal of Evil was for this time to be doom, destruction, and death, but that mirage is falling apart before our eyes. Thus why I’m drawing a linguistic distinction between Apocalypse and Armageddon, not being particularly attached to either word from a religious perspective.

II.3 The Entropy of Evil

What science is glimpsing with the Quantum Field but doesn’t yet fully acknowledge or understand, is that consciousness (our innate spirit) is syntropic: generating more and more life, order, and evolution from the initial allotment of energy and its expenditure.

Meanwhile Evil is entropic, requiring more and more energy just to sustain the same or lesser level of coerced order. So the more consciousness evolves, the more energy Evil requires to maintain its grip on us. (This will be important in Section V on Meditation.)

Entropy ultimately implodes back into syntropy. Syntropy is the intrinsic nature of consciousness which creates true order, compounding on top of the order that preceded its own evolution; while the illusory, coerced, hierarchal order of entropy collapses under its own weight, unable to further itself in literal spite of syntropy.

Evil created a game it would play to its death but never be able to win. Anyone who believes Evil will win and that our post-Apocalyptic, post-Armageddon world will be more inhumane instead of less, fundamentally does not understand the laws of Nature, or even the nature of God.

We are now in the final moves of this chess game. Both the winner and the loser know who’s going to win and lose. Simply, a few moves remain before checkmate, and that’s what we are living through now. The game is not over, but it is won.

It’s like setting off on a long car ride. We’re not there yet, but we know where we’ll end up.

III. The Bigger Picture of the Starseed Presence

The larger purpose of the presence of Starseeds being incarnated on Earth has come into focus for me during these times.

In essence, we did not come here for ourselves (which is why life on Earth can be such an inane challenge). Rather, Starseeds came here for the sake of innocence — for the innocence tormented in the darkness on the outskirts of the Old Normal of society.

We came here to hold strong against a tug of war that was going in the wrong direction.

III.1 Monster in the Shadows

There’s an archetype in the collective consciousness of Humanity of being afraid of the dark.

It’s the visceral idea that monsters come to life under the bed as you go to sleep, or that the closet is occupied with skeletons, or worse. It’s the fright that floods your veins when a sound you cannot see pierces your peace in the night, making your heart want to jump out of your body and escape from the room.

On the whole, Humanity is afraid of the dark.

I realized it’s because of everything I wrote about in the section above: perpetrators of Evil have been operating in the dark, and instinctively, people sense and fear that.

The human archetype of being afraid of the dark is proportional to the darkness perpetrated out of sight and out of awareness. Were it not for legends, mysteries, and experiences of Evil, there would be no fear of the darkness. The darkness, instead of frightening, would simply be unknown and uncertain.

But at some level many of us know that what we cannot see may not be pure, and that when we cannot see, we may not be safe.

This is where we must confront the Old Normal again.

The Old Normal consisted mostly of everyday people going about their lives. Mainstream human society hasn’t been of the highest order for a long time, but “it wasn’t so bad” either. People could assuage their fears, there was generally enough food to go around, and some people even strived for growth and came out ahead. “Life was good.”

But a lot was going on out of sight of this so-called good life. Energetically, that dark activity incurred a lot of negative spiritual weight.

People at large do not yet grasp how much of their world was built upon and reinforced by Evil, which has also been further reinforcing itself and its inhumanity with a feedback loop.

Life on Earth was “good” only to the degree that it was convenient to disregard the elephant of Evil in the room. Elephants are heavy, and — speaking spiritually and collectively — keeping your fears at bay, paycheck to paycheck, does not do much to outweigh evil elephants.

Evil has been a huge, unknown, and ignored burden on the evolution of Humanity for millennia now.

What this did to Earth is create a heavy energetic bias toward the negative polarity. The Old Normal was not balanced; it was biased toward the negative, a negative that gained its power by operating unseen and unacknowledged, by people unwilling, unable, or not knowing to look it in the eye. By navigating in shadows, the Negative could avoid the resistance of human conscience and strengthen its forces unchecked.

This has allowed Evil to propagate and fester. This Evil is indeed a force to reckon with. The people who have sought to curtail its power (JFK, MLK, et alia) were not a large enough force to counter it, and met their demise for daring to confront it.

The coping mechanism of gazing away from the darkness and pretending all is well, is ending. Humanity has approached the time of having to look under the bed and see what monsters may be lurking there.

III.2 Divine Counterbalance

Enter Starseeds.

By incarnating on Earth, our presence has lent a counterbalance to the imbalanced energetics on Earth.

For those unaware, Starseeds are non-Earth souls who have grown up and lived elsewhere on other worlds, worlds which were typically more evolved and spiritually aware.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, we remember how “better” those worlds were, and inevitably re-embody some degree of “that world” in this world, making it alive here on Earth. We also have an innate sense of spiritual integrity and are not as swayed or seduced by the false, cunning teachings of Evil woven through terrestrial societies, religions, and ideologies.

Needless to say, Earth is not quite the vacation spot.

We did not come here for fun; we did not come here to play along in some romanticized, masochistic “Earth school;” we did not come here for our personal pleasure. That’s why our lives have generally involved so little pleasure; yet so much suffering, social misunderstanding, and psychic attack. We didn’t come here to frolic as masterful manifesters of the Law of Attraction, which the New Age has offered as an exquisite, entrapping distraction.

No. We came here to counterbalance some of the strongest Evil still existing in the Universe.

Humanity was caught unawares in the middle of a tug of war with no opposite force. Through both innocent oblivion and willful ignorance, Humanity has been getting lured and seduced deeper into darkness throughout history.

With each new invention and advancement (in finances, industrialization, television, and more), Humanity was being cunningly ensnared (debt slavery, working more for less, being desensitized and programmed, and more). It’s not that these inventions and advancements are bad, but rather that they have been hijacked for the deeds of Evil.

Without an opposing force, Evil was due to conquer. The perpetrators of Evil had a veritable stronghold on the human population who were being herded incrementally toward demise and domination — and going along with it because it always feels better to stick with the herd than stray toward the truth.

But the perpetrators of Evil didn’t expect opposition. They did not expect a spiritual counterbalance. They hedged their bets against Divine Intervention.

Along with their helpless dependence on entropic principles, their spiritual shortsightedness has become their downfall. They tried to create a private dark universe within the infinite divine universe over which they would rule without input or interference from the Divine.

And they were succeeding incrementally, until beings who had lived beyond these confines of darkness began showing up, imbuing and illuminating this realm with the memories, vibrations, and embodiments of a freer world available for all, breaking down the walls of this artfully crafted Truman Show.

When you put Infinity into a box, it breaks the box, not vice versa.

And that is the essence of the purpose of Starseeds: to exist on Earth in order to break down its walls.

By way of the foreign, freer energies we have brought here, our presence enables and encourages the existence of a sovereign way of life on Earth as a potential in the collective human consciousness — a way of life that would counter the dark ways which have, to some degree, seduced everyone but Jesus and the Buddhas.

We brought certain energies (frequencies/keys/codes) that had not been massively present in the physical realm of Earth. At some point, the Hundredth Monkey Effect takes over and tips the scales. By bringing new potentials to Earth, they become accessible to more and more people, until a threshold is reached that spirals out of the tight but futile grip of Evil.

So although we Starseeds are due our joy and prosperity like everyone else, on the other hand, all that which we pursue could be considered secondary to our primary purpose on this planet of simply existing.

We remember better worlds. We miss higher consciousness. We yearn for peace and prosperity. We came with the keys to set ourselves free inside a world constructed by Evil, and in so doing, pave the way for everyone else to achieve the same.

After millennia of planetary quarantine far more egregious than anything the coronavirus has brought us, the way out is now alive on this planet and attainable for all who seek it.

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