WWSSII: A Review of Global Energetics

IV. Eye of the Needle

There is another aspect sabotaging the efforts of Armageddon, and that is The Event, which I touched on in Part I.

IV.1 The Event

It appears the Event has begun — either that we’re on its threshold or right in the midst of it — and there is no escaping our velocity toward it and through it. Similar to the event horizon of a black hole, once you succumb to its momentous gravity, you’re along for the ride.

In essence, the Event is the notion that all individual streams of consciousness (people, animals, entities, demons, aliens, ghosts, et alia) are going to advance forward on a singular timeline.

David Wilcock also describes this succinctly here, from 17:14 until minute 18.

IV.2 Divergent Timelines

The impending Event portal means divergent timelines are not possible anymore, not right now. An example of a divergent timeline is World War III. Another, more relatable example is building a life from fear and conditioning, like I once did and like many others have done.

The degree of divergence of a timeline is relative to spiritual authenticity and integrity, which I personally call our soulstream.

Some people believe they are nothing more than a neurological byproduct forged from past experiences in a single lifetime. This notion itself is profoundly divergent from the truth. The only reason we experience trauma and feel “bad things,” is because we have an innate spiritual core from which we can deviate, at our own expense.

Correcting personal divergence by returning to our spiritual core is the essence of living true, because our soul has innate, divine desires (different from egoic attachments/cravings) which, when pursued, grow us forward by anchoring us deeper into consciousness and awareness, eventually “returning us home” to Consciousness with a C.

Correcting collective divergence is the essence of the Event and of Ascension. Collectively, our souls were always meant to be living forward, toward the return home. But nearly every soul on Earth has been tricked out of its due potential and into pockets of life very far from home indeed.

If we think of the syntropic nature of life as moving ever forward, we can think of divergence as moving sideways from that path.

We could even think of these unproductive timelines as sidelines! Living out of personal-spiritual alignment with one’s soulstream is akin to living on the sidelines of one’s own life, of one’s own soul.

And when enough people live on the sidelines of their ideal lives — say, the majority of 7.5 billion people on a planet — this adds up in a majorly negative way in the collective consciousness. A society, an economy, a way of life built upon people sidelining themselves is intrinsically not sustainable.

With a divergent timeline or sideline, since we’re moving we might think we’re advancing, but in earnest we’re drifting further and further away from personal and collective progress by deviating from personal authenticity and integrity.

This creates a holding pattern in life, lending to emotions like frustration, depression, desperation, and coping in general. This holding pattern is dead energy, and creates a dead spiritual weight in both personal and collective consciousness, ultimately culminating in illness of the body and illness of the society. It is entropic, requiring more and more effort, attention, and time to sustain its miserable existence.

It’s not a question of if it will merge back into a syntropic nature, but when. And the more we resist the merging of divergent energies, the more catastrophic the collapse back into alignment will be.

Been there, done that!

Many people’s lives are built unwittingly upon divergent, entropic energies which are due for collapse, healing, and reintegration.

I speak from experience as an example: my life was utterly divergent from personal authenticity back when I lived in Los Angeles, over-working in the film industry like a Generator (which proportionally deteriorated my health as a Projector).

I finally moved out of LA in April 2018. In the time leading up, I remember feeling like my life would be over by May 2018. Because the timeline — the sideline — that I was living on literally did not exist beyond May. If I did not choose to leave LA by May, larger energies would have forced me out of LA in order to collapse the divergent timeline. It’s not that I would die, but it was guaranteed that this path of life was dead. All sidelines conclude with a dead end.

The Matrix itself is a sideways system that traps people from making true, forward advancements in their life, sidelining them from living syntropically (IE: divinely).

This is why the collective consciousness of Earth is so impaired, and so behind in its true potential. This is why Earth has been a spiritual wilderness, deprived and depraved. The further sideways people get from their soul alignment, the more disillusioned and physically ill they become, and the more the world becomes lost as a whole.

Living false has an expiration date and sidelines have a dead end.

As we speak, the Old Normal is speeding into its dead end.

We must bring all the parts of ourselves that are unaligned into alignment and then we completely merge into the New Earth. The New Paradigm is one of complete alignment so we can not enter without this vital step. The New Earth is one of complete Truth so we can not enter if we continue to believe lies. The New Earth is one of completing ones Souls Purpose so we can not enter if we continue to be inauthentic.

There IS a Light at the End of the Tunnel by Diane Canfield

IV.3 Evil vs the Eye of the Needle

Due to the Event (which I would consider both a natural, galactic progression and a divine intervention), false, fraudulent, dead, divergent timelines are being stripped from existence or merged back into syntropic evolution.

Needless to say, the goals of Evil are among those purged timelines, for Evil is by essence, divergence from the Divine. Its existence was always untenable. It played its game for as long as it could, and now it is at death’s door, fighting until its last breath.

Of course, it’s not just Evil being stripped from the progression of consciousness. In the past, we could get by living a life of holding patterns, sidelining our own souls.

But not anymore.

All of the spiritual dead weight, debris, and residue in our personal lives is being stripped from us. At this point we really only have two options for our “stuff”: let it go, or merge it back into alignment. (And beware, if we don’t choose this process, it shall be activated for us by the advancing energies of this time.)

The trick with this process is that we can only let go of things and energies that were never us. That might be a belief, a job, a way of life, whatever.

But these inauthentic elements had a “plug” into authentic, yet wounded, parts of us. The belief may have come from a bad experience in childhood; the job from a sense of low self-worth; the way of life from something we saw in a movie and yearned for.

We cannot let go of these forlorn parts of us, but rather we must invite, acknowledge, forgive, integrate, and love them anew. These parts of us must be healed and merged back into spiritual alignment. It was their dis-alignment that led to divergent timelines and holding patterns, and this is less and less possible to sustain.

Think of driving a car with inches of snow still piled on top of it. The faster the car speeds forward, the more likely the dead weight of the snow will simply fly off. (At least I’ve done this, perhaps not the best driving etiquette…) The faster and stronger we evolve, the less possibility there is for living out of alignment or sustaining the Matrix. At some point our collective consciousness will be operating so “fast,” the Matrix won’t be able to click into us, which means it won’t be able to sustain itself off of us either. (And that is what it fears and frets the most.)

This is why so much “stuff” is coming up for people during the Apocalypse. Our world is being propelled forward in evolution, stripping away the debris of life.

And correcting the Evil in the world corresponds to correcting the ways we’ve betrayed our own divine integrity, an evil in itself.

Another metaphor for divergent timelines that has been coming to me is that of frayed hair. From the very little that I understand about damaged hair and split ends, frayed hair cannot be repaired, only cut away.

So the Event involves Humanity moving through a spiritual hair appointment. During this appointment we may freak out about how our hair will turn out, and there will be a mess on the floor to clean up afterward, but not only are we going to survive this divine appointment, we are going to look better for enduring it.

What this pandemic and quarantine offer us is that, for once, we are flowing forward together as one planet, one people. Meanwhile, everything incongruent with this collective, forward-moving soulstream is surfacing and purging.

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