WWSSII: A Review of Global Energetics

V. Meditation vs the Matrix

Global meditations act as amplifiers in our forward momentum. Not only is the car speeding forward, stripping the snow off its surfaces, but it also has boosters!

Our collective unity is the booster of evolution and Ascension.

Perhaps the leading scientists in the field are the ones over at the HeartMath Institute, whose research findings have shown that when we practice heart coherence, and take on more feelings of gratitude, compassion, appreciation and love, our heart “generates a coherent electromagnetic wave into the local field environment that facilitates social coherence.”

High “Heart Coherence” Caused an “Increased Order” in Crystallization Patterns of Human Salive

V.1 When the Matrix Flickers

Some people are suspicious of these global mediations. So I decided to get another perspective on their impact. I had a joint journeying session with my personal Matrix Healer and psychic extraordinaire, Becky Barron over at Find The Light, and asked her to see what she sees.

The way she saw it is that the Matrix flickers when people come together globally.

This is overwhelmingly positive news.

Imagine the infrastructure of the Matrix being powered by metaphysical electricity. It’s an artificial structure imposed upon our organic consciousness, lending to issues like etheric implants, anti-human belief systems, trauma looping, and much more. When people come together — when consciousness coheres together — this artificial structure flickers, unable to power the systems it uses to control us.

This makes me recall the scene in Hunger Games: Catching Fire where Katniss realizes she can interfere with the arena dome by shooting an arrow at it. The whole arena is an artificial construct built to trap the tributes. But when human consciousness catches onto its purpose, it can create interference in the false prison structure, and ultimately destroy it. The false can never persist the true.

And so it is with spiritual human consciousness versus an artificial structure of reality imposed upon organic consciousness.

As Humanity wakes up, evolves, and reunites with itself, the Matrix is buckling under the pressure.

Here are some anecdotes on Reddit of the 04/04 Global Meditation.

Furthermore, this meditation spiked the Schumann resonance.

The Schumann resonance is the base electromagnetic frequency of the Earth.

The human body also has a magnetic field, with the heart being the strongest source in the body for electromagnetic activity. According to HeartMath: “The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).”

– Global Mass Meditation Coincides With Spike In The Earth’s Geomagnetic Field 

Our hearts are stronger than our minds, and when Humanity comes together in focusing the power of our minds on the causes of our hearts, the miraculous can occur. Divine Intervention is just an invitation away.

Though, part of the trick of understanding this is that when we invite the Divine, the Divine has already intervened. Everything we seek outside of us will ultimately come from through us (or through others, who are ultimately aspects of the bigger Us). Our invocation has us become and materialize the existence of what we seek. Thus we must be mindful of our power.

Lastly, the more we are forced to socially distance, the more we have others on our minds and hearts, bridging our distance across spacetime.

In its attempt to contain Consciousness, the Matrix backfires and seals its fate more frequently than we can fathom. The Matrix’s whole approach is a losing battle in which it must expend more and more resources, effort, and desperation in order to maintain itself, and it is being increasingly outmatched by me, you, and the rest of Humanity.

V.2 Consciousness Is Exponential

Meanwhile Evil is entropic, requiring more and more energy just to sustain the same or lesser level of coerced order. So the more consciousness evolves, the more energy Evil requires to maintain its grip on us.

– WWSS2, Section II.3: The Entropy of Evil

After Becky described what she saw, I got flashed with one of those wondrous, spine-tingling downloads of epiphany: in an instant I understood what the Matrix was betting on, and how the unity of Humanity is defeating it. Bear with me as I try to utilize numbers to paint a picture that transcends this dimension.

The Matrix depends on us being individualized beings, separated from true connection with each other and true connection from ourselves. When we are individual, we are singular, and when we are singular and disconnected from our soulstream, we are very lost indeed. One of me, one of you, one of him, one of her. Just many one’s. Eight billion ones. Many of us lost.

The Matrix can control a collection of one’s, because it can allocate resources to each singular individual. With eight billion individual people, the Matrix only needs eight billion corresponding “plugs” or “traps” or “links” to manipulate us, plus some overhead to keep the whole thing running. 1:1. 1 link per 1 person. 1 = 1.

And the Matrix has links to spare. For a powerful, conscious, aware person reclaiming their spiritual alignment and the power of their syntropy, the Matrix might impose on such an individual at a rate of 10:1.

But when the Matrix has its way, it strives for 1:<1, one link to less than one compromised, singular, lost, lonely individual. In the sense that the integrity of each person is continually compromised and diminished from a single link to the Matrix, which frees up precious entropic resources to allocate elsewhere.

This is the nature of a closed, linear, entropic system: the beings inside the system deteriorate in proportion to the system itself feeding off of those beings to sustain its existence. The Matrix is fueled from our astral-emotional suffering (known as loosh). That’s how it gains the energy to persist (and why it can’t let us die even though it hates that we live).

The worse we are, the stronger it is.

However, Consciousness is not linear! 1 ≠ 1 (one doesn’t equal one) with Consciousness. This seems to be the crux of why science does not yet grasp the power of Consciousness: science is a linear, empirical system, but the Consciousness that creates and interprets science is not.

Consciousness does not operate linearly. Consciousness is exponential. 1 + 1 = >2.

Or for the sake of making a point: 1 + 1 = 3.

When two individual, sentient beings come together, they do not add up to 2, they add up to more than 2. Two beings of consciousness create a third consciousness between them.

The more people operating from spiritual integrity who come together linearly (1 person + 1 person + 1 person) culminate in an exponential power of consciousness larger than themselves.

On the surface, it doesn’t appear that this is so. After all, 1^3 = 1, one to the third power still equals one.

However, this is what science isn’t grasping but which spirituality is founded upon: the I that I Am (the You that You Are) is greater than 1. It is simply 1 angle of the Infinite. So “one to the third power” is, in fact, Infinity compounded.

1″ = >1, the illusion of “1” is that a being like you and I are in fact individuations of the Infinite. And when we as individuals, each “greater than 1s,” come together, our existence is exponentially more powerful than anything the entropy of Evil can ever amount to.

Thus is the essence of syntropy: more from less, infinity out of a singular illusion.

Thus is the essence of spirituality: more order, wisdom, and intelligence from lesser chaos, suffering, and ignorance.

So the Matrix and the Evil running it can manage us individually. But when we dare come together as the spiritual beings and community we are, we will continue to overload the false system until it finally falls apart.

The tug of war between Good and Evil is not an equal war. For two people united in their divinity are more powerful than two individuals mired in the solitude of darkness. Like water off a duck feather, the entropy of Evil cannot maintain its grip and slides off of our united spiritual integrity.

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

– Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich,” 1937

Napolean Hill wrote the above in the context of masterminds, which he defined as “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

When Humanity comes together in global meditations, we do so as a mastermind with the definite pursuit of liberating us all from Evil.

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

– Jesus in Matthew 18:20

Although I’m not certain I completely understand the context of the scripture around this statement by Jesus (terrestrial religion is not my forté, as a Starseed with spiritual awareness from beyond Earth), I have a hunch he was meaning something similar to the syntropic nature of Consciousness and its ability to collapse entropic constructs.

When Jesus speaks of his name, I do not see Jesus speaking of himself precisely, of elevating his name above other names. All words are but references to deeper, truer energies and natures of the Universe.

What matters is: what is he referring to? Not his name as a man, for he has transcended that.

The “name of Jesus” refers to the transcendence of the imprisoned, so-called-sinful human condition. Transcending this prison can only be done by strict adherence to the innate spiritual syntropy of one’s personal soulstream, itself a downstream current of the Divine Infinite.

To sin is to diverge from our syntropy. (In WWSS1, Section III.2 Apocalypse, I posited that “sin” is behaving from egoic polarity — in other words: divergence from the syntropy of the soulstream.)

So to gather together in the name of Jesus — to operate from our personal syntropy and compound our syntropic power together through community — invokes the fuller, divine, syntropic nature of Consciousness with a C (God).

The Matrix preys on our divergence from our syntropy. In fact, it feeds off of it by sidelining us into dead end life situations, causing us to leak and funnel our infinite potential into a fake, destructive construct. But when we unplug from these dead ends and realign to our soulstream, and when we then come together as a spiritual species, we become more powerful than mere individuals.

Humanity is a sum greater than its parts in-waiting.

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