WWSSII: A Review of Global Energetics

VI. Living from the Future

To make the most of the Apocalypse, I recommend living from the future.

This is essentially what Starseeds do and is what I have been prioritizing these days. If you don’t understand my work, it’s likely because you are living and perceiving from a past-forward perspective instead of a future-backward perspective. You want what I say to “add up” with what you already know (the past), rather than being open to how it recalls a future far beyond the past you’ve known.

Perhaps not all people will be able to manage living from the future, for not all have the reference point like Starseeds do, and not all will heed our words anyway. In this case, I simply encourage you to put aside the past and open to the future as it comes in so that you may live on the exciting threshold of evolution. (Hint: “the future” intrinsically feels better than the past. Don’t let doom and fear fool you of their false superiority.)

The future is a frequency, not a time, and it can be had now.

VI.1 Embody the Beyond

The outcome of all negativity on this planet is certain: defeat and transcendence.

Henceforth, as soon as the Apocalypse culminates and the Matrix implodes for good, life on Earth will become better and better. This result has already been guaranteed by the multiple factors of syntropic inevitability, Divine Intervention, and global meditations, the latter of which shift the timelines of the planet like a tugboat getting a larger vessel to dock correctly.

As noted earlier, we are now in the final moves of this chess game, in the final tugs of war. We know how the war ends. We just have to continue through certain aspects as they play out (inevitably in our favor), and to play our part in this grand stage of life.

We know the destination of our roadtrip; we just have to keep driving until we get there.

To bide this time, I recommend living from the future: from the knowing that all will actually be well when said and done, and all that needs to be done now is to manage and integrate our collapsing divergent timelines with as much grace as we can muster.

That’s the simple version, a mere knowing, the sum of pieces, a mindset to maintain.

The more complex version comes from embodying the future. This is where it gets fun!

Living from the future doesn’t mean merely knowing the future will be better, it means feeling the better future inside of yourself NOW, and behaving from it as if it already exists outside of you.

New Earth is already here, emanating from those who dare to Be it.

The Earth you dream of is not some idyllic utopia outside of yourself, or in a book or in a future. It’s a frequency which you can feel into and become right now. It’s a “future version of yourself” that you dream of as “out there, someday” but which in fact you can exist as today.

That is New Earth; not out there someday, but rather, within when you dare.

“The future” we dream of and deserve will exist and propagate as more and more of us embody it and behave from it.

In order for it to exist for you, I have to embody it so you can witness it outside of yourself. In order for it to exist in the world for me, you have to embody it so I can see it outside of myself. In order for others to experience it, we have to embody it. In order for us to witness it, others have to embody it.

Then at some point, the Matrix will fall and there will be nothing outside of us but New Earth.

This is how we create a new planet. It will not be handed to us on a silver planet by either governments, gods, or aliens.

The world you dream of can be had by being the person you imagine in that future. Your deepest dreams and wildest fantasies are not just your greatest gifts to the world, but divine potentials from which history, culture, and society could be forged.

VI.2 Nature vs Matrix

The frequencies of the future are most palpable when in Nature.

For example, every time I watch a sunset over the backyard these days, the current events being portrayed in the news feel completely absurd. The divine purity of Nature is blossoming stronger than ever, and it’s no surprise that animals have been roaming the quieted streets of civilization.

In fact, this is the contrast we have at this time: the purity of Nature versus the dark Matrix from which cities and systems were built. Civilization on the whole does not “feel like the future” at this time, because it is dying and dead, with entropic parts always decomposing.

People who are in lockdown areas, especially in Europe and other areas, if they go alone in nature, they would feel extremely pure energy of pure Light coming very strongly in this Bubble Elevation phase … In Wuhan, people were able to feel the calm, peace and stillness amidst all the chaos. This is exactly the manifestation of those bubbles of heaven.

Interview with Cobra for the Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation, 03 March 2020

So New Earth is here when you bother to walk on the grass, touch the trees, see the sun. But there are still dirty energies to continue washing away from the world. Living from the future by embodying New Earth, and walking through the world from this embodiment, is the easiest way to speed up this process.

The Matrix never imagined pure, sovereign, free, divine humans walking its streets. In the past, it did everything to stop this from happening. It once convinced even Neo. But Be what you desire to see, and the Matrix loses.

In perhaps most cases, the only people the Matrix still has power over are those who still cling to it for life support. For more perspective, refer back to Section IV.2 Divergent Timelines and how we are being unplugged from this system.

During this Apocalypse, it’s becoming increasingly easier to unplug, and this will continue through the Event and toward Ascension where we reach a threshold at which point there will be nothing left to plug into but ourselves.

This approaching threshold is the death of an entropic way of life — the death of the Old Normal which makes way for a New Earth. We will no longer sideline our souls, and our spiritual syntropy will no longer be siphoned off to support a false, entropic system to entrap us.

VI.3 The Choice Is Yours

So you can choose to unplug now, or wait for the plugs to disappear and react to the chaos that ensues from that. Take it from me, the former is the easier route.

We are indeed at the end times of Old Earth. But new beginnings are already blossoming, and their scent is already wafting through the air, if only one stops to smell the roses of the future.

This is the time prophesied throughout time.

If things don’t change for the better on the other side of the needle, I’ll be damned. We’ll all be damned.

But I know with confident certainty that I am not alive to be damned once again by darkness, which means we as a collective are not due that destiny either.

The exposure and elimination of Evil was always inevitable, and we are, at last, at its tipping point. With the Apocalypse, it has played its last, desperate cards.

Don’t let its death throes fool you. Smell the roses instead. And consider being the soil from which they grow for others to witness as well.

🌹 To the Stars and Back ~ Timothy from Truthward.Life ✨

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