WWSSI: Panic vs Precaution in a Time of Pandemic & Prophesy

When the West Stood Still, Part I

I had planned to start my blog in a simpler time at a more comfortable pace. But sometimes there are situations that beckon people out of their unreadiness and into action, beyond oneself and into the world.

This is one of those times. For all of us.

As of writing/publishing, we are still in the first week+ of the Western world being upended by the coronavirus (COVID-19). We’re only in the beginning. There will be much more to deal with, observe, and act upon as time progresses.

I feel called to share occasional updates as time goes, so consider this Part I of When the West Stood Still.

This report is larger than I imagined from the onset. At 18,000+ words, it feels like a stimulus package for our awareness. If you feel called, circulate this report with anyone whom you feel needs the intellectual reassurance at this time.

May it bring your mind to ease.

NOTICE 05/27/20: Reality has shifted tons since the writing of this article, along with my personal level of perception and how I view things, thus I cannot guarantee the integrity of everything I wrote here. Information-based writing always becomes outdated, for fact is not truth. For this reason, my work future will rarely depend on information and instead be founded on frameworks and perspectives which cultivate greater understanding of oneself and the world. As always, defer to your personal discernment in all that you consume.

Lightwork by Autumn Skye

Due to my calling to be a bridge between the Basic and the Beyond, this massive report is meant for two primary audiences.

  • 1) Those already aware of what’s happening from a higher perspective and interested in external affirmation, connection, and contemplation.
  • 2) Previously unaware and unawakened people who are now hungry for larger answers, are ready for the initiation into a higher perspective, and are seeking guidance beyond governmental, medical, and news officials.
    • These people may be floundering in fear and other emotions, in spite of not even having the virus. Such emotions and beliefs are their lot (their spiritual responsibility) at this time, as will be elaborated.
    • For context, these people are being affected by proxy of coronavirus and its fallout, and their circumstances are more related to personal timelines and energies that are collapsing/expanding, rather than global/health/illness energies. Said simply: many of the emotions and challenges arising this time are not because the world is ending, but because belief systems are ending and people need to process this personally.
    • See section II.4 Dimensions to understand where you may be on your journey.

It is fine to quote and share excerpts from this article. However, I ask that credit be given (Timothy Roman at Truthward.Life with a link back to this page) and that the whole article not be recopied, as I foresee constant updates being made to this article due to its broad scope. The most current and relevant version will always be at this page.

  • v1.0-032120: Article published.
  • v1.1-040320: Additional links/resources regarding section IV.4 The Event, and further Gates connections in the V.2 Gilead section.
  • v1.3-040520: Updates to various sections (search for EDIT to find them), including a personal note in section II.4 Dimensions, a quote and imaged added to section IV.2 The Feminine Flood, and some new links in section V.5 Other Perspectives & Resources.

I. Panic vs Precaution

I have a confession: as an old soul starseed, I don’t take Humanity seriously.

Partially this has been authentic: Things that bother the collective don’t bother me, because I don’t have any personal imprinting or wounding around it from the histories of this planet, or I have otherwise resolved my issues around the topic ages ago. So I just sit back and observe, unfazed.

Partially this has been resistant: At times, I just refuse to feel collective energies and emotions because I don’t like them (Humanity deals with a lot of unsavory frequencies, to be fair), which results in me becoming closed-hearted and heavy-minded, and judgmental about what people-at-large are truly dealing with.

Current world events have cornered me to re-evaluate both of these sentiments from a higher level.

With regard to authenticity, I’d been completely blasé about the coronavirus (COVID-19) up to March 12, 2020, long after the world had been chatting about it. It’s not the first time we’ve all have had an end-of-the-world sentiment shoved down our throats and minds.

Our imminent deaths are two decades behind schedule.

As a hermit I have to isolate myself to maintain sanity and productivity, including from the news. Especially from the news.

But on March 12th I peeked at headlines and saw what was happening:

  • Countries closing boarders and locking down, beginning with Italy and cascading to many others, including the Canada–USA border now.
  • Flights being grounded, more than after 9/11.
  • Schools closing for weeks at a global scale, potentially through the rest of the school year.
  • Tech and sports canceling massive annual events or otherwise moving them online.
  • Financial and business institutions altering terms, delaying payment requirements, and otherwise being so lenient as to make capitalism weep.
    • Along with the American Federal Government currently working out the details of a $1+ trillion dollar relief package that directly assists Americans, instead of propping up industries like the Stock Market (which plummeted anyway right after a $1.5 trillion infusion). The UK is working on something similar.
  • Hospitals on alert and at real risk of finding themselves underprepped and overwhelmed, particularly in America whose healthcare lags behind the civilized systems of its Western peers.
  • Governors, business, health officials, and healers all stepping up into local leadership, especially when higher-up leadership was lacking or dismissive.

And these are just the big headliners and sentiments that I’ve seen over the last week.

Clearly to me, “this time” is different.

So for perhaps the first time, I’ve stepped out of my hermit cave, am logically alert, am genuinely cautious, and would advise people to take realistic precautions and shifts in perspective, such as:

  • Stock up on 1-4 weeks of dry/boxed/canned food for peace of mind.
  • Fill the gas tank.
  • Withdraw some cash.
  • Support local businesses.
  • Prioritize your money.
    • Companies and organizations are ramping up to defer bills and debts (and will look sorely out of touch if they don’t), so contact them to set up arrangements, then start funneling your money toward things that actually matter at this point: food, gas, cash on had, and businesses at the front-line of economy and society.
    • EDIT 04/05/20: Some guidance on what to do with bills.
  • Connect with the people you care about.
  • Read the books you’ve long forlorn.
  • Watch all the movies and shows you haven’t been able to.
  • Start working on your own work instead of your job.
  • If you’re still stir-crazy, look into learning something new.
  • Most of all, escape to pockets of Nature if and when possible.

However, precaution is not panic.

I flat-out never buy into Humanity’s panic. I’ve felt panic, but not from the barrage of world-changing events, whether underhyped or overhyped or in between. I just do not know or understand this energy inside myself.

You have to understand, from my perspective as an old soul starseed, how bizarrely bewildering it is to see people trembling and scampering like scared animals, while I’m standing on the sidelines feeling completely stable and alert regardless of what’s going on. Since Humanity’s tendency of pandemonium has never really found its way into my cells, I sometimes just don’t get it and witnessing it can be truthfully, innocently disorienting to me.

Even monkeys aren’t behaving with panic…

So this is where my personal resistance to these collective emotions is being brought into my personal spotlight for revaluation. There is panic in the world. Not full-blown, rioting-in-the-streets panic, but a panic that’s simmering beneath the surface, in between hello’s, with glances of the eye.

I open my heart to empathize with the emotions that are surfacing in the collective. Some people are freaking out and cannot calmly hear these words yet. But the emotion will move and pass (as long as people don’t identify with it and convert it into their reality #SpiritualProTip), and the world will keep spinning.

As these things play out, I offer myself as an island of respite, through the wisdom of my words, through the clarity of my perspective, through the stillness I hold in my little spot on the planet — remaining alert to the changes sweeping our world; but not out of fear, out of awareness.

I owe credit to the impact of a mentor, Pilar Lesko, for opening up my perspective to the emotions and energies playing out at this time.

Over the past week, I have been feeling the pain/fear of the collective coursing through my entire system. When we ventured to the store for our regular grocery shopping + some extra dry food, the energy inside the store was beyond what words could articulate. A melting pot of fear, isolation, worry, mistrust, unsafeness, unsureness, and anxiousness simultaneously co-existing with an underlying feeling of desperation for connection to each other, for hope, and for safety and peace for all. Then, last night I laid awake feeling the global-fear running through my veins. Of course, I recognize that I am only able to feel this so intensely because this same pain/fear exists inside of me. And that my “job” [should] I choose to accept, is to allow myself to feel it all, fully, while acknowledging that not all of this belongs to me. 

– Pilar Lesko, email: Into the Heart of the Corona Virus, 03/13/2020.

I will join no human in their panic and fear.

But I will join them in their hope for universal wellbeing as they cultivate interconnectedness with a new sense of priority, and hold space for those who can’t get to that place yet as they process their own personal energies.

So far, COVID-19, known as coronavirus, has not yet appeared in my state, but the panic certainly has. [T]he spread of the coronavirus proves to me that as much as we might try to shut ourselves off from each other … our oneness is inescapable … as we are forced to come together to devise solutions amidst our shared vulnerability.

– Reflections on the Coronavirus and the Oneness of Humanity by Homa Sabet Tavangar

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