WWSSI: Panic vs Precaution in a Time of Pandemic & Prophesy

II. Perspective

Because things are rarely ever as they appear.

II.1 Percentages

The population of Humanity is currently 7.53 billion. 1% of that is 75.3 million. 5% of that is 225.9 million.

To be frank, it feels dubious that this virus will kill more than 1% of the population (but time will tell).

What is is inevitable is that there will be far more cases (or confirmations of prior infections) and related deaths. The numbers will keep rising, and it may be frightening as they do so.

But is this the Extinction Level Event of Humanity? Unlikely.

Far, far less than 1 billion people will get infected and die. But billions of people on the planet are being affected by this virus, and that’s what I’m looking at in this report.

II.2 Comparisons

In my stoic investigations, the numbers I present next are why I was so blasé and dismissive of the coronavirus until recently, and why now I am merely cautious without emotion.

According this tracker, the death toll is just above 12,000 on March 21, 2020. On March 18, it was just over 8000. A few days before that, it was just over 4,300. Yes, it will continue to rise.

However, according to this website, seemingly sourced from 2013 data from WHO, 1.25 million people die from car accidents per year across the planet. That accounts to … 3,287 deaths per day.

In the last week, more people have statistically died from car accidents than in 4+ months of the coronavirus.

Do you see why I sometimes (often) struggle to take Humanity seriously? Yes, those 12,000+ people are real people who have died, and there are more bound to fall ill — but also, cars are a far bigger, consistent “disease,” at least until/unless coronavirus eclipses it.

To give credit, the website’s headline sates:

The global epidemic of road crash fatalities and disabilities is gradually being recognized as a major public health concern. The first step to being informed about global road safety and to developing effective road safety interventions is to have access to facts.

– Road Safety Facts

But if 1.25 million deaths per year are an epidemic, how do we get a higher-grade pandemic from a virus that may top out at or under that number? (This line of questioning has spread elsewhere before I could even share it.)

If the average deaths from flu tally up between 291,000–646,000 as of 2017, why is civilized life coming to a halt only now?

Partially, there is concern of similarity with the catastrophic Spanish Flu, which swiftly killed some 50+ million people, in a time that lacked the type of efficient, global, medical response we have today.

It also appears to be this report that finally gripped the attitude of the West into halting civilization, a report that claims 2.2 million Americans alone could die.

And as framed by this article — Why we’re not overeacting to the coronavirus, in one chart — it appears the US may be on a collision course to experience the same type of rogue impact that Italy has been dealing with for weeks now.

So this is not a casual situation to dismiss, but it’s also worth keeping things in context.

There is one other primary reason for why civilization is coming to a screeching halt…

II.3 Perception

As Homa Sabet Tavangar mentioned:

So far, COVID-19, known as coronavirus, has not yet appeared in my state, but the panic certainly has.

Reflections on the Coronavirus and the Oneness of Humanity by Homa Sabet Tavangar

What is not technically out of proportion, is how afraid people are of dying from something invisible which can be picked up from who-knows-where and transmitted by who-knows-whom.

The invisible, the darkness, is always frightening, like cold water in a pool that we have to warm up to before we can stop trembling. Cold water we can’t see through, and wonder what lurks beneath its ripples.

And knowing that most of Humanity is operating off of, or otherwise blindly prioritizing, their five physical senses at the expense of innate intuition (and often even mental logic as well, go figure), I get why a microscopic, invisible virus that halts civilization causes more emotional turmoil than a more-probable car crash.

Cars, we see them everyday. Our minds, bodies, and subconscious are accustomed to them in spite of their disastrous risks.

Viruses, we like to keep those out of mind since they’re out of sight, so that our fears of death can stay out of our life.

But when we’re forced to pay attention to what we can’t even see, that can be scary.

That is the spiritual initiation that our whole planet and species is experiencing right now. We cannot see that which may kill us. That is now being forced into our minds from every angle, and there is no way to keep it buried neatly under the rug of our subconscious.

What matters is what we do with this. For someone who’s on the panic/emotional side of current affairs, it’s worth stepping back and contemplating.

  • Do you experience more fear from a virus that may be less likely to kill you than your neighbor’s car? Why?
  • Are you willing to take a moment to reflect on this?
  • Are you willing to feel the fear instead of live from it?
  • Are you willing to hold out for an inner light at the end of your personal tunnel, which you can get to so that whatever action you choose to take, comes from a place of clearheaded certainty, or at least uncertain courage, instead of subconscious reactivity?
  • Can you simply feel instead of freak out?

What will you do with the fear of death and societal tumult, when yet you remain alive?

Are you open to considering that the end of the world you feel inside your mind, emotions, and body, does not correlate to the state of the world outside of you, no matter how bad it does get?

Can you keep in mind that you are neither your mind, emotions, body, nor the world, and that You will be okay as you go through this?

Emotion is emotion. If fear is arising and won’t budge, it’s related to something old that is using this situation as an opportunity to beg for your attention and healing at last. It wants you to finally look at it, instead of running away from it on the treadmill of daily society.

If the fear is surfacing in direct proportion to circumstances, then it is raw energy that can be molded like clay. Drop yourself into it and acknowledge it. Try shifting it to vigilance, caution, hope, courage, or even excitement. As long as you nurture and master the energies that arise in you, you get to be at the helm of your life through these circumstances, choosing each step you take.

If you are experiencing fear during this pandemic, you are unwittingly a part of a global spiritual initiation that is inviting you to become wise about something otherwise avoided or unknown in yourself. You will not escape the emotion, not this time. So I challenge you to face it, where you may find you not only survive, but thrive on the other side of feeling it.

This time is different. Not only is the coronavirus situation big and impacting global society, it is forcing an initiation and integration of global spirituality, even among those who shoo such a notion. Millions and even billions more people are going to shift, evolve, and wake up from this pandemic, than die from it.

If you’re still alive after it’s all said and done, you’re meant to be one of the people who grows from this, no matter if you frame that as nihilistic luck or divine destiny.

II.4 Dimensions

I am not a personal fan of the 3D/4D/5D terminology prevalent in the spiritual community because it’s a highly reductive way of boxing up consciousness, which is, to the contrary, infinitely fluid.

However, it is convenient and will help grant a broader perspective to what’s happening. This outline is off the top of my mind and not at all definitive, so use it merely as a jumping board to discern the differences from your own awareness.

3D: Third Dimensional Awareness

This is the physical realm, a realm of suffering due to many reasons.

One of those reasons is that people prioritize the five physical senses, which only perceive outside of themselves without the ability to look inward. This illusion tricks people out of knowing that life is created within–outward, not outside–inward.

This illusion also risks people in giving up their power, sovereignty, and integrity for people, things, and ideologies of lesser integrity outside of themselves. These bonds drag one along against their true will, generating friction that manifests as depression, anger, hatred, and other emotions. (Also considered loosh, which the Matrix feeds off of.)

Another large mechanism of suffering, is that people identify with their suffering, which perpetuates suffering. Instead of understanding that a situation victimized a person, they identify as a victim because of that situation, which cordons them off from the true power of their own consciousness.

3D is also the realm of polarity. So on the other hand of victims, there are also people who victimize others, mistaking their pent up force and resistance to the world for their true self and expression.

And polarity knows no boundaries, permeating politics, sexuality, psychology, culture, and everywhere else you can find a human. Lust and hatred are two ends of the same pole, neither having psychospiritual integrity or sustainability. The rotten cherry on top of this is that most people mistake lust/attachment with “love,” and hatred with integrity and activism.

On the whole, the 3D realm is one of Us vs Them; and in 3D awareness, people do not know the difference between Truth and Trauma, and mistake trauma for truth and truth for traumatic.

“Anywhere you see a villain, you have volunteered yourself as their victim.”

– Timothy Roman

4D: Fourth Dimensional Awareness

This is where the process of seeing inward begins, with the development of meta cognition and the expansion of awareness by introspecting on personal beliefs and addressing chronic emotional states.

Since awareness is now focused not just outward, but upon the things that are outside and how they relate to the person inside, people start to “wake up” and connect the dots of society, looking for answers that haven’t been provided and re-evaluating answers that have proved inadequate.

4D awareness comes with its own traps as well. Duality and polarity are not done here, and Us vs Them-ism simply converts to This vs That-ism, with perceived-superiority believing itself better than perceived-inferiority.

It’s too easy to come across some new fact or idea and polarize onto it or against it, boxing it up as wisdom and awareness. This is the base level of the “truth seeking” phenomenon. People are at risk for oscillating out of old ways of seeing and believing and into new ones that are perceived as superior just because they’re new and “evolved,” without understanding how much further there is to go in order to perceive clearly.

During awakening, people are also at risk of handing off their power to spiritual teachers and helpers, not yet understanding that everything they seek and crave in others is already in themselves, just forlorn and forgotten.

2012 was a global trigger for people to enter into 4D awareness.

5D: Fifth Dimensional Awareness

This level of awareness moves past meta cognition into meta consciousness. It is beyond looking inward: it is living from within–outward.

Here, one navigates the world from both the wisdom they’ve gained through individual experience and from the instinct of universal consciousness, which can ultimately be accessed within all, understood by everyone, and applied universally.

It is this latter component that is fundamental to 5D awareness and lacking in the prior levels. In 3D especially, people mistake their personal experience as universally projectable upon the world, or as their set-in-stone identity.

But when one begins tapping into infinite consciousness through their individual point of reference, it becomes clearer how universal consciousness applies to everyone, but in unique ways. This awareness comes with a sense of responsibility that knows how to not trespass against other living entities, no matter how different they may be.

With 5D awareness, poles can still remain, but there is no need to polarize onto/against anything, and any remaining inner polarities begin to neutralize into harmony.

In a 5D way of life, it becomes easy to live and perceive in a truthward manner. By having intimate awareness of universal consciousness, it becomes clearer which parts of oneself are still operating from 3D/4D programming. 5D awareness on its own starts to transmute and transform lower-level program, without needing to fix or force anything.

In 4D, healing is about “fixing” and clearing. In 5D, “healing” is about living from one’s inner true essence, which naturally pushes false elements out of one’s personal field.

3D is polarity to the extreme. 5D is harmony to the extreme. 4D is consciousness bridging between them.

EDIT 04/05/20: Personal Note on Dimensions

With the best of intentions, this article was written in an attempt to bridge together 3D, 4D, and 5D perspectives in one go, respecting each without stepping on the toes of either, with the hope of holding the hand of an unaware person into the realm of awareness.

Turns out that’s very challenging, because a 3D mindset is blind to and blindsided by many elements of 5D awareness. Many aspects of a 3D-entrenched awareness will be heavily triggered by the way 5D operates and by what is known at that level of perception. It is rarely possible to speak from a higher level while not triggering a 3D-trapped mind, or numbing it out until it no longer even hears what’s being said.

So henceforth my work will be written from my level without obsessive coddling of other levels. It’s so restrictive to my consciousness and not possible to sustain. I’m not sure how I thought attempting such was a good idea! It was a good intention with a diluted outcome that serves no one well.

In a way, this message is simply my “peace, I’m out” farewell to the Third Dimension. I tried to keep my foot in that door for a long time, in order to stay connected to people and, frankly, to feel accepted and safe, but I no longer reside there and must move on. If I’m leaving you behind, I look forward to reuniting with you as you evolve forward on your path.

Finally, why reinvent the wheel? If your 3D shell is breaking or your 4D field is expanding, David Wilcock synthesizes matters concerning current events better with a wider scope than I can. Check out his multi-hour series, The Great Pandemic. (Note: ‘Seeing bigger’ is not simply about right vs wrong, good vs bad, like vs dislike. It’s more about connecting dots. See section III Prophesies & Conspiracies for a primer on how to perceive with more acuity around these matters.)

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