WWSSI: Panic vs Precaution in a Time of Pandemic & Prophesy

III. Prophesies & Conspiracies

Disclaimer: I know that some conservatives love to laud conspiracies and some liberals love to decry them. If you are stuck in either rigid perspective, prepared to be triggered by my work. If you get triggered in this section or elsewhere, I invite you to feel your feelings and diagnose them instead of freaking out for/against anything, the latter of which only perpetuates your personal suffering and the suffering of the world.

My sole priority is to expand your perception, via first expanding my own, at the expense of either position and beyond any singular position. Any position I appear to take is the byproduct of extended investigation and introspection, and is subject to change with advent of more advanced wisdom and awareness.

My blog, my work, my motto is truthward: I look for the gaps and connect the dots, and do not care where this takes me. I also don’t intrinsically buy into any dots or connections. I just see what holds up with broad, repetitive scrutiny regardless of how it sounds to entrenched perspectives. Although I don’t obsess over or adhere to the scientific method, I take a loosely scientific approach to what I research and convey.

To further contextualize my work, it’s also helpful to understand that I dismiss or seek beyond any information that lacks an esoteric-spiritual component. For example, the 1918 Spanish Flu did not have a broad force of aware & awakened humans integrated into the population to reframe things beyond the fears of the physical realm — but the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic does. This changes the playing field of life and the outcomes of history.

The spiritual knowing of truth is not dependent on external variables, many of which are missing when a situation is approached from a physical-up perspective instead of a spiritual-down perspective. Any source lacking a spiritual component is fundamentally incomplete and historically outdated.

If you want to know the truth, you will have to look Beyond. Not just beyond the mainstream, but beyond facts and data points themselves. ]

You will have to look within.

III.1 Introduction to Spiritual Thinking

This section must be started with a book excerpt that’s going around:

End of Days by Sylvia Browne, 2008

It will remain to be seen whether coronavirus plays out the way the claim predicts. From a quick glimpse of the internet, it appears not everything in this book has panned out.

Making connections doesn’t mean conveniently dismissing the ones that don’t fit. It means stepping up to a level of awareness above what does and does not work, to see what the bigger picture is — whatever it may be, whomever it may displease.

And to be fair, people who are spiritually illiterate (cough, many many many people) do not know how to continually up-level their awareness to integrate frameworks, contradictions, and paradoxes into cohesive comprehensions that actually explain the previously inexplicable. This is part of what I’m here to solve.

Seemingly, this is what the best of science does, and is precisely how science reached notions around the Quantum Field of Infinite Potential, where nothing exists and everything is possible. Up-level far enough, and you return to infinity. This way of thinking is fundamental to a truthward perspective.

Pay attention to where your awareness up-levels to include more than it had before. This is a great indicator of personal and spiritual development.

Meanwhile schools don’t teach us critical thinking, and society does not encourage or understand accurate spiritual thinking and perception. And even when scientists reach it, they’re not quite sure what to do with it, because their field is devoid of understandings around consciousness itself.

So for this section I’m feeling called to outline some things to kick off a greater understanding in people who are mentally and logically oriented (like me!) and are trying to grasp the abstractness of spirituality.

Spirituality is overwhelmingly logical, but you have to zoom way, way out from localized human mental-ego awareness to access this logic. Claustrophobic consciousness cannot not see clearly.

  • Firstly, the future of consciousness / life on Earth is not set in stone. (Just like the past is not either, in spite of appearances, which is how deep psychosomatic trauma can be healed as if it never happened; that’s a whole other article.)
    • So it’s not out of bounds for a once-accurate prediction to fall flat — it means the energy it was founded on, shifted. Probably for the better. We all retain free will that allows us to stay set in our ways or merge into new timelines and territory, and when people shift, they generally do so toward a better direction.
      • The underpinning of this is that syntropy (increasing order and complexity) is the truth of consciousness / spirituality / life / Universe, not entropy (increasing chaos and deterioration.)
    • Thusly, the future of the planet is in fact heading in a positive direction that is not yet wholly visible in the physical realm. (Current events are a part of that.)
  • Secondly, due to quantum entanglement on the science side and energetic resonance on the intuitive side, seemingly-separate things can become tied together, and certain things are going to ping other things that are similar to them, like one tuning fork vibrating another over distance.
    • This is a very rudimentary framework for how to “see” bigger connections, both in your life and in the world, even when there is nothing tangibly visible to look at.
  • The third piece is understanding that our consciousness (different from our mental thinking) navigates spacetime beyond all physical confines.
    • The implication of this is that people who have trained their consciousness can timetravel where our bodies cannot.
    • Whether we’re talking in terms of science, spirituality, or anything in between: it is possible to access any knowledge in the universe and effect change anywhere in the universe with the right inner cultivation and application of consciousness.
    • The timetraveling of consciousness already happens during: daydreaming, imagination, regression therapy, shamanic journeying, psychic readings, and other practices.

There are many more pieces, more than I even know, but this is an adequate primer for synthesizing this section for someone who’s being introduced to it for the first time or is still trying to grasp things.

Furthermore, one need not be consciously psychic in order to tap into and receive inspiration derived from timelines/potentials that are in the ethers and likely to materialize.

We all do this to some degree, as we’re all individual consciousness connected to Collective Consciousness. The differentiator is that some of us don’t know this and aren’t aware of the connections, while others of us acknowledge this and train ourselves to work with the connections.

III.2 Apocalypse

O 2012, what wert thou?

Apocalypse: Old English, via Old French and ecclesiastical Latin from Greek apokalupsis, from apokaluptein ‘uncover, reveal’, from apo- ‘un-’ + kaluptein ‘to cover’.

– New Oxford American Dictionary

Revelation, 1: the making known of something that was previously secret or unknown

Revelation, 2: the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world

– New Oxford American Dictionary

Sometimes I have to be very stern with Humanity, because they miss things right under their nose. (I’m not an exception; rather, I am accustomed to sniffing out the things that are there to smell. I recommend it.) Definitions and meanings are heavily obscured and distorted in mainstream society.

Neither 2012 nor any apocalyptic prophesy was ever a doomsday ending; any such notions were always an unforeseen beginning.

Beginnings do bring an end to things, especially when certain people or pacts don’t want certain things to change or become known. Those people do not like beginnings — to them, it’s an ending fraught with desperation and despair.

The collective sense of doom around “apocalypse” comes from them, not where we are heading collectively. The doom, panic, and fear you may feel is theirs more than ours.

The death of desperate secrecy and subversion is what the Apocalypse is — and it has been In Progress at a global scale since at least 2012, when my awakening commenced along with many others. (Note: liberal “wokeism” is not anything close to bona fide spiritual awakening.) This continuing Apocalypse will fundamentally alter society, culture, history, finances, economics, education, and everything else in the human condition.

It does not matter how you spin it or deny it — from a spiritual level, a mundane level, a societal level, a political level… The same results are occurring regardless of origin. Conspiracy? Divine intervention? Cause and affect? Inevitable? Destined? Happenstance?

It doesn’t matter. It’s happening.

  • Pedophilia is being pulled out from every shadow it’s been hiding in.
  • It’s no longer tolerable to think that women can be used and abused without a peep (even if aspects of Feminism have gone a bit overboard — alas, another article).
  • More and more people are seeing through socially-destructive financial institutions (Iceland got a head start), and confronting tyrannic governmental rule, even within “representative” democracies and republics.
  • The French and American Revolutions a couple centuries ago pale to the revolution sweeping our planet from the inside of ourselves outward.

We are not in Kansas anymore. And the continuing evolution we have seen in the last 75 years in Humanity is directly defying the mores of that proverbial Kansas which has existed for ages — and it is on trajectory for the better, in spite of countless missteps and collapses along the way.

Every which way you look, there is apocalypse occurring.

The only thing dying is the darkness we never knew, but can’t evolve without coming to know. The true death of the Apocalypse is our ignorance and oblivion.

And through some of the principles/approaches laid out above, people in prior times picked up on the inevitable trajectory of the human condition.

That is to say, we have arrived at the time many people once picked up on.

Because there’s no way into the future without passing through the eye of this needle. This is what border control looks like applied to human evolution.

At its simplest, it’s the border between secrecy / subversion / duality / entropy versus transparency / authenticity / unity / syntropy.

And it has been prophesied for centuries and millennia. Now, here we are.

“We are so interwoven in the web of life, that even the smallest act … has repercussions through the whole web, beyond your capacity to see.”

A Special Note on Politics

Politics have become polarized and extremified across the world. Superficially, this appears at odds with any sense of a productive apocalypse or evolution of consciousness.

But the bigger perspective that’s missing is, we are not on the other side of these changes yet. We’re in the middle of them. Things are still dying before beginning anew.

Polarity is one of the more pervasive elements of human consciousness that is dying.

If you’ve gotten into meditation and come across the simpler tenants of Buddhism, you’ve likely heard about craving & aversion (my more contemporary twist is: craving & hating). Buddhism has been talking about polarity — and about resolving it — for millennia.

In terms of Christian tradition, I suspect sin is actually calling out polarity. It is the rigid adherence to either side at the expense of another that defies God, because by the nature of creation, both poles and all perspectives — all people and all experiences — exist within God’s creation. (Note: there is much more nuance worth going into around this, so mull it over in your own awareness rather than accept/reject it with absolutism.)

You can ignore Buddhism all you want, but you can’t ignore the shifts in collective consciousness that are occurring from the inside out, because that means they’re occurring in you and me and Trump and Hillary — and we’re all handling it wildly differently, yet to a degree, identically.

The issue is people like their personal polarities. Democrats are cozy with their liberalism and hate regressive conservatism; Republicans are cozy with their sense of tradition and resist change. Tit for tat. Neither of these sides want to budge with where they’ve set up camp in the poles.

Imagine if we all scrambled to the North and South Poles and hated the people at the opposite pole. Neither pole can sustain life or nature. So what the hell are we even doing there? Creating a concentrated hell at the coldest, most unsurvivable places on the planet that will never be able to sustain itself. That’s what.

If you want to understand politics and polarity from a spiritual/unity/quantum level of perspective, this riddle will be your key: each opposite end may be different in content but is identical in mechanism.

That is to say, each opposite is ultimately the same, because each behave the same, even if for different reasons.

The hatred liberals feel toward Trump and which conservatives felt toward Hillary and which Hitler felt toward Jews … is identical.

If you’ve ever felt a whiff of hatred in yourself, then you’ve experienced the same spark that resulted in the Holocaust. Read that again.

Content may differ, but emotions are identical regardless of where/when/why/in whom they occur. This is how humans can intuitively understand each other at a basic level even without sharing a linguistic foundation. What you feel, I feel too, and vice versa, with everyone else as well.

Unless I overestimate Humanity, this perspective is really not hard to grasp. It’s just new, and it’s coming online in collective consciousness — fast.

So having two poles unsustainably oppose each other at the expense of the tropics and inhabitable climates is absurd, but will persist until there’s no one left at the poles to support their self-proclaimed superiority.

Unfortunately, most people will be forced out of the poles by circumstances of (emotional) climate and the threat of (ego) death, rather than opting out of the tug of war voluntarily, like the Buddha might have imagined.

Although I’m unsure whether this has saturated the collective yet, it’s clear to me that polarity is collapsing before our eyes. Suddenly, who’s a Democrat and who’s a Republican is not mattering as much as, Something is happening that is affecting all of us, and this calls upon all of us to come together for our greater good.

Sure, some politicians do this better than others, but many politicians are proving themselves to be people, and are finally doing their jobs.

Plus, look at how swiftly and profoundly legislation and policy can shift in the absence of polarity! There is no reason the future we deserve in terms of society, economy, or finances to be so far off.

It is not the future that is far away. All along, the distance was between the poles.

Those who hold out in the poles will find themselves increasingly isolated as the collective works together in ways where life can be cultivated and sustained.

III.3 Armageddon (Been There, Done That)

When people hear or think of apocalypse, they’re typically feeling the energy of armageddon, which is where the panic and doom comes from.

Armageddon: a dramatic and catastrophic conflict, typically seen as likely to destroy the world or the human race

New Oxford American Dictionary

I have an anecdote around armageddon to support my overall perspective in this report.

That is, I’ve already lived through one.

In 2018, the night before my birthday, I was having a peculiar, potent emotional uprising in myself whose origin I did not know. By then I was practicing (past life) regression therapy, so I regressed myself and followed the emotional breadcrumbs.

I was living on another planet. It was an advanced civilization, far wiser than Earth’s. It’s because of this past life that I remember a better future.

That planet was in some way attacked and decimated. It was fairly unexpected. It was traumatizing. Who knows how many years or lifetimes ago it was for me, or where in the universe it took place. But the emotion had never been resolved at a soul-level, so I had to go in and deal with it.

The imagery was not too clear, but the essence was. That world felt like a happy, crisp summer day where nothing could go wrong — and then everything went very, very wrong.

So I dare to say that I have a memory of armageddon.

I share this to point out that I know for certain I did not incarnate on Earth to experience yet another armageddon.

Starseeds, lightworkers, lightleaders, intuitives, illuminators, psychics, and others — many of us already understand this. (However, not all of us. Not all of our peers have “been there, done that;” some are riding on mere faith and research without precedent. So if you have memory or awareness of life elsewhere that contextualizes why you incarnated here, I would say this is the time to own that part of yourself and speak from it with authority.)

The average human might do well to grasp this too, because if they can wrap their mind around alien souls walking around them in everyday human spacesuits, they can appreciate the notion of someone knows what armageddon looks like, and that person does not perceive armageddon during all of this. So maybe things are going to be okay in spite of how they look and feel.

The reason I’m so blasé about the human condition on Earth is because I’ve lived through and resolved worse than these collective emotions. No matter the size of catastrophe, I know what happens on the other side (healing, resolution, wisdom, peace), so I just don’t get caught up on the front side of terrestrial affairs.

This first-hand memory/trauma/healing — also confirmed, worked on, and independently verified by other psychics and healers — is the concrete evidence I have of being a starseed, gained years after I already had an intuitive awareness of being one.

To emphasize it simply: my soul’s not from here and I know it. I deployed to Earth, after an armageddon elsewhere, and incarnated into a human body so that you — Humanity — might listen to my words and gain some wisdom and reassurance from them.

And what I can tell you is that, yes, things on Earth are a clusterfuck, but I did not come to yet another ill-fated planet just to watch it die.

Systems are going to break down, way of life is going to be impacted, some people are going to get hurt, and there will be more deaths … but we’re all going to otherwise survive, and eventually, thrive. That is the only reason I showed up, along with many, many others.

This global pandemic is in no way a “good” situation. But it is happening, and each new moment that is suddenly so new and precarious compared to the last, is a choice point inviting you to decide who you will be. Many people do not encounter or accept their choice points except when forced to, often months and years apart and with much resistance to change.

Incidentally, this pandemic is a fast-track to collective spiritual evolution and inauguration.

A crisis is nothing but a cardinal opportunity to decided whom you will be when it really, really matters. And this collective choosing is what alters the trajectory of our future.

The social impact we’re seeing play out on grand scale is not armageddon, but rather the swift and widespread halt of the status quo. The only armageddon is for those at the top who needed these systems and structures to march on perpetually without pause for their personal profit. Those people — the Elite or what have you — are panicking.

Meanwhile, Humanity at large is for once feeling what it’s like to stop doing — to stop being rats in someone else’s race.

The extended timeframe in which the West stands still will become known as one of the greatest, positive pivot points of civilization.

The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise — with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.

President Lincoln, December 1, 1862

~ We must set ourselves free, and then we shall save our species. ~

III.4 Conspiracies

I take a special approach to conspiracies. It boils down to: they can’t be proved, but there are huge, self-evident missing gaps in the understanding of society, so it’s deducible that something is hidden, and there’s nothing wrong expanding the mind in search of filling in the gaps.

The issue with conspiracies is we know there’s something, but not what the something truly is. For example, the fact that the JFK files are still classified is evidence of something beyond what we’ve been informed.

To a degree, psychics, channelers, intuitives, and empaths can tune into what’s missing — beyond all levels of Earth-level security, secrecy, and classification.

The energetic evidence they uncover won’t feel justifiable to people still locked into the five physical senses, but at some point when you realize how much data our five senses cannot even perceive/receive/compute (hint, most of the data that exists), one moves on and tests other means of perception, using consciousness itself as the instrument instead of constructs of consciousness (like the eyes, ears, tools, technology, and external data).

Here, in this place, there is no final proof of anything!

Which raises a very interesting question. Ponder for a moment why you choose to come here. Why would an immortal, divine being go to all the pain and effort required to get here only to be in this state of deepest not knowing?

Could it be that you really badly wanted to NOT know?

What do you do and how do you create yourself and your life when you don’t know? Only in this place will you ever be able to answer that question! And this is, at least some part of the answer to the question of why you are here. You are here so that you might know what you choose when you don’t know who you are.

– How Can I Know My Own Spiritual History?

Like I mentioned, Humanity today is confronting its tendency of freaking out over the invisible. This pandemic is not going to help any of us start to see viruses with our open eyes.

But what it is forcing us to see is our tightly, interconnected humanity and the risks and benefits that come with that; the strain on our public and private institutions that were never prepared but should’ve been; the sense that our collective wellbeing matters more than whether we can pay something on time or not.

And this is exactly what I’m looking at — no longer from an intuitive level, but with my own eyes! So to be honest, I’m oddly excited. Cautious, stoic, serious — but excited.

The reason why I am writing now, and feel that This Time Is Different, is because the events playing out in society right now echo, with strong accuracy and resonance, conspiracy theories of incoming, cataclysmic, apocalyptic change. Not of doom, but of sweeping difference that inevitably leads to something better than what we had.

For those of you opposed (polarized) against conspiracy theories as a position, I don’t think you understand how profoundly what you think you vehemently oppose, you are actually living through right now.

Plus, if you sense/believe coronavirus to be of a more serious, grave, catastrophic concern than we’ve been told and you hate conspiracy theories, you’re cornered and out of luck. If coronavirus is a humongous and ginormous threat to us, far greater than the numbers and reports we’re being granted, then that threat is being strongly contained from our awareness at this time, and that would be a huge conspiracy without a theory to illegitimize it.

In this already-lengthy article, I’m not going to dive very deep into any theory because: what matters, is what results, from what is happening.

Is the origin of this pandemic a New World Order war, divine intervention, or the nihilistic byproduct of entropic cause and effect? I’ve got some perspective (review my sentiments in the Armageddon section), but am not here to convince or evangelize.

It’s simply occurring. I see it with my own eyes. You don’t need to be a psychic or intuitive to perceive any of this. What matters is how you and I handle these changes, and whether collectively we come together or grow further apart in our humanity. What matters is whom we decide to be. That is what will write history.

If you feel called to go down the rabbit holes of conspiracies and theories (and prophesies, to round it all out), here are the guidelines I’ve intuited and followed over time:

  • I see holes.
  • I sniff out leads to fill in those holes.
  • I find lots and lots of information and possibilities, both logical and absurd. One person’s absurdity is another person’s epiphany and vice versa.
  • Information is just information — I don’t inherently believe it, nor disbelieve it. With the truth, you don’t need to believe either way, because eventually it stands on its own feet and all you have to do is acknowledge its innateness. While facts have different sides and angles, the truth ultimately does not.
  • Information is not dangerous. Identification with, and polarization of, information is dangerous, because it’s what revs up destructive psychological states in the psyche.
  • I’m just looking for patterns, frameworks, and comprehensions that might help conceptualize the truth to help myself+others advance our awareness, even when the truth is not found in that information itself.
  • Even if something fits the framework, that’s not a reason to idolize or ideologize it — not a reason to polarize onto it.
  • No fact is ever the truth — and a lack of facts is rarely the truth either.
  • Any time I come to a block — especially a personal emotional / mental / belief / ego block — I “jump up a level” in my awareness to look at a bigger picture, even if it comes at the expense of what I craved or hated. My spiritual development is so rapid because of this single behavior. I don’t settle.
  • If you want The Truth, make sure you’re cultivating and evolving the clarity of your awareness, the breadth of your mind, and the depth of your heart, all of which will often come at the expense of what you think you’re certain about — what you merely think the “truth” is.

The truth is not a collection of inanimate facts and statistics. You will find it neither in history books nor classified documents, even if one is biased by the victors and the other what the victors keep secret.

Truthward Perception

I call this blog Truthward Life because I have discovered Truth to be a process, and strive to live up to that process, moving ever forward with my life and my awareness.

I don’t have answers, I have an approach, which has resulted in certain conclusions and deductions that are helpful for certain levels of awareness. The Truth is unavoidably absolute, but its discussion always relative, and that relativity is always moving and in flux, because no single human can know the whole truth.

For humans, the Truth is a process, because with each piece of data we are coming into a greater awareness, from which we will eventually move into a greater awareness, ad infinitum in perpetuity. It is not the data that matters, but the awareness it grants. If you find a fact and call it a day for the rest of your life, the true Truth will swiftly move on without you. The only being that knows the whole Truth is, you guessed it, God / Spirit / Source / Consciousness / Infinity / Universe / The Quantum Field.

But guess what else? Infinity comes with a catch. The second you reach its boundaries, there is infinite more to explore.

The second you polarize onto something — whether an ideology, a conspiracy, a policy, an identity, a pain, or anything — you’ve set up a false boundary that does not exist for Infinity, but only exists for you and maybe some other people who’ve created or encountered the same boundary in themselves.

This is a very basic, entrapping, psychospiritual precept that unfortunately is just not widely recognized yet.

The Truth requires that you consider something may be only personal and never universal, no matter how much you wanted it to be otherwise. And this does not negate our personal experiences, but rather contextualizes them. The Truth transcends us all yet requires us each.

And even though the Truth is transcendental and ultimately universal, it is not realized for a person until it is viscerally — mentally + emotionally + somatically — processed through an individual, through yourself. The

Infinite is understood through the individual; the Universal is known through the unique.

There is only one article I feel like sharing to conclude this section. I like the perspective written here (weaving conspiracy and prophesy together from a higher perspective) because rather than getting lost in the trap of facts like so-called “truth seekers,” it instead points out things that are clearly off and provides a framework of awareness that fills in the gaps of what is off.

The framework may be right, the framework may be wrong. From this type of perspective, the dots (facts) are not primarily important. Unless you have direct contact with the Illuminati/Cabal/whatever, or have direct evidence of their non-existence, specific details are not helpful or impactful. The mind’s obsession with data does not correlate to the truth.

What is meaningful is that gaps between everything that is off, start to connect. And even if they’re not connecting 100%, or at all, at least one’s perspective is expanding to incorporate dots never before noticed or considered. In this way we expand our consciousness and sustain our sanity, rather than tighten our grip on useless polarity.

Excerpt from Adamu Offers a Full Political Briefing:

So these are the people to whom I refer when I say, “the Illuminati”. These ancient families that have been manipulating the human story from behind the scenes for the length and breadth of your recorded history. These families own top-tier banks that the central reserve banks of very nearly every nation on Earth come to for the annual loan that creates that nation’s currency.

We’ll be speaking a fair bit about the American situation in today’s conversation, so let us begin right now by using the USA as our example, shall we?

The United States’ central bank is popularly called The Fed, short for the Federal Reserve Bank. And so it is that the Fed approaches an Illuminati bank. And while there are many such family banks, the Fed is contractually bonded to a particular group of Illuminati families. Let us call them the Red Shield group. And we’ll talk some more about the different groups in a little while.

The Red Shield group of banking families loans to the fed however many trillions of dollars that the nation will need to run its economy for the year. And here is the crucial bit. The vast majority of what the Fed needs for the economy is really just to service the nation’s debt that is carried over from previous years.

You heard that right. Only a small percentage of the loan is actually for currency that will float the economy. Most of the loan is just to pay back debt from previous years. At this point, the US federal debt runs to about 20 trillion dollars. Do you understand what that means? It means that your nation owes the Red Shield banking families about 20 trillion dollars. You owe it to them because they previously loaned you money and the debt has accumulated, with interest, to this level[1].

And do you know how that debt will be paid off? Next year, the Fed will loan more money than it did this year. That is why the debt ceiling must constantly be raised. Next year, the Fed will loan more money so that it can pay off this year’s debt plus the little bit extra needed for currency to flow into the national banking system.

Adamu Offers a Full Political Briefing

The following piece of artwork, though about education rather than the whole world, is an encapsulation of the point of the above excerpt and article, and of the essence of conspiracy theories in general.

Where spiritual prophesies enter, is that the situation depicted and which we’ve suffered from unwittingly, is falling apart and/or being dismantled, not perpetuated into worse and worse conditions.

This is happening as we speak.

Right now.


The Pandemic of Systemic Marionettes by BK the Artist

III.5 Astrology

For those who understand astrology (not me), you may already know of the rollercoaster of events playing out in the solar system this year. If not, this is an introduction and a reminder. This year’s astrological menu appears to be impactful, and can be correlated to current events.

AstroButterfly is a site I’ve found trustworthy that does breakdowns of astrological timings and events. Here’s their lowdown on how 2020 will culminate, which restates much of what I’ve recognized independently through my intuition and observation:

The energy will shift from Earth (consumerism, material values, money) to Air (intellect, information, collaboration). 

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020 can really be the dawn of the age of Aquarius. 

And that’s just the beginning. Pluto will also enter the sign of Aquarius in 2023, so in the coming years we will witness a profound transformation of the world and society. 

Network and collaboration will become more important than top-down hierarchies. 

A new age of enlightenment and freedom is around the corner. This doesn’t mean the Air element or Aquarius is in any way “superior” to the Earth or to the Capricorn energy. In fact, elemental energy shifts always come with disruption initially. 

But this is a change we all need, because change is part of life. We learned everything we needed to learn about the “Earth” element of our existence. Now it’s time to move on and learn about “Air”, with its goods and its bads. 

The Astrology of 2020: A New Order

There’s also a specialized article: Coronavirus and Astrology: What to Expect.

Another source for a relevant astrological overview is COBRA (an anonymous person not without his share of controversy, but whose work I’ve been following closely since 2018 and feel regularly drawn to).

[2020] will be also marked by beginning of 13 new synodic cycles, whereas average is only one such cycle per year … Each of those numerous aspects will send a new flash of Light to the surface of the planet…

Make This Viral! Age of Aquarius January 11th/12th 2020 by COBRA
Synodic Cycles via aforementioned COBRA article

In reviewing the transits of March from a Human Design background, this person paints the picture of Truth vs Psychosis:

What is your truth and role at this time? You’re being invited to determine that. You’re being cornered and quarantined to figure out who you are and how you will behave.

Because at this time, living mindlessly plugged into the rat race of society is no longer an option, is it?

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