WWSSI: Panic vs Precaution in a Time of Pandemic & Prophesy

IV. The Fall of the Matrix

My simplest definition for the Matrix is: the systematic and subversive violation of the innocence and integrity of Humanity.

Do you see it?

If you’ve never known deep, deep levels of spiritual purity and innocence in yourself, your ability to perceive the Matrix will be limited because, unwittingly, much of what people deem “normal” is actually only normalized.

Without a pure frame of reference, the masquerade of normalization is not conspicuous. One of the essential components of starseeds incarnating as humans is to provide this lacking frame of reference on Earth, due to our having previously lived in higher realms of consciousness than Earth’s.

IV.1 The Reality, Not the Movie

The Matrix has been widely normalized in human consciousness, and the Apocalypse of the Matrix — the revealing of it — will be unsettling.

Those outside the realms of prophesy and conspiracy are being caught unprepared for it, and that which we are beginning to have to see is dark and disturbing.

We did not know these things were lurking in the shadows of our society (EG pedophilia). If we did know or sense them, it was easier to ignore them (EG Weinstein’s treatment of women).

We did not know that things we grew up believing and accustomed to, were instituted to systematically destroy us with our complicit consent.

Again, by my estimation it does not matter whether our society was set up to violate us by intentional, malevolent design or just as a byproduct of chance, because the result is the same.

Both satanic aliens and bankers running the world, and primal human ignorance building flawed systems, result in about the same thing: the society we have today. Resolving one resolves the other, even if one or the other does or does not exist. Understanding the Truth is not about facts and “truth seeking”, but about seeing the bigger picture in order to understand what variables are out of line and need to be corrected.

This blog will go into many realms of the Matrix over time. Furthermore, a concrete example for me might be something you’ve never come across or aren’t ready to see in your own awareness. So instead of trying to articulate it in this section, I’d just have you contemplate on the following to understand the Matrix.

  • Can you see that something is “off” in the world?
  • And I mean look beyond your personal upbringing, belief systems, logic, etc. Does something just seem “off”? What?
  • Does it harm people or animals or nature or consciousness, in some way?
  • Can you consider that there are other, not-so-humane people/beings who in someway profit off that detriment?
  • What is something that you realize is “off” but which you once deemed acceptable, normal, typical, or unavoidable? 

Where do you see a systematic, subversive violation of human autonomy, integrity, and innocence? That’s your personal witnessing of the Matrix.

(The only catch is to beware projecting your own inner matrix upon others. For example, your hatred of someone does not exist in them, it exists in you. Hatred is a core energy dynamic of the Matrix and in essence a trap.)

At best, The Matrix is ignorance that’s unwilling or unready to become wiser. At worst, it’s really abstract, absurd, bizarre, nefarious things and beings that not everyone will have the stomach, heart, or mind to handle.

Let’s end this section with 9/11. Either 9/11 was the outcome of some pissed-off terrorists from the Middle East, or it was some elaborate American plan and cover-up that used terrorists as scapegoats.

The reason I don’t “care” which it was in the scope of my work and teachings, is because the result was the same: the institutionalization of laws like the Patriot Act and TSA that invade the privacy and integrity of our society under the guise of protecting it, and the cultivation of deep, irrational fear and hatred that harm the world more than the event itself. (A similar tactic was already employed during this coronavirus situation, and it’s not without merit to think that New World Order-type tactics will be attempted during this.)

The Truth — living truthward — is the ability to see beyond facts, polarity, gaps, and deception.

IV.2 The Feminine Flood

If you’ve dabbled at all in spiritual development, you’ve come across the Feminine & Masculine. There are many ways to slice this understanding.

Feminine = passive, receptive, feeling, being, night, darkness, water, yin.

Masculine = active, initiative, thinking, doing, day, light, fire, yang.

There are so many correlations for these energies in the cycle of life, both personal and cosmic.

One important thing to point out is that neither is “The Truth.” Neither Yin nor Yang are the Truth, and polarizing with or against one or the other is a setup for disappointment and denial.

The Truth is the circle that encompasses both Yin and Yang, wink.

The goal — in spirituality, relationships, or in the world — is reunion, harmony, and collaboration; not mutual exclusivity or false superiority. In the physical realm, we see this by the fact that men can’t exist without being born by women, and women can’t exist without men to initiate the birth of both men and women.

That is not mere sex. That is the ebb and flow of Infinite Consciousness as a personal experience.

Next, let me emphasize that the Masculine is not inherently toxic. It’s innate to the Universe/Consciousness/Human Condition, just like the Feminine.

This is a supreme example where polarizing into one or the other will be wildly destructive. All of us, regardless of being men or women, have a balance and a juggle of these two energies to varying degrees. Neither men nor Masculinity are toxic.

But Masculinity in our society has certainly been toxified, or wounded. The toxicity is a result of wounding not only left unhealed, but encouraged and capitalized upon.

By proxy, Western Men are a very lost people on the whole — something that is finally beginning to be resurrected as another inevitable element of the Apocalypse.

The awareness of Feminine wounding is currently more prevalent than seeing the Masculine wounding.

Because the suffering of the Masculine has been normalized and has not been fully witnessed yet.

Although the suffering of the Feminine was also heavily normalized (women being unable to vote; being only wives who can’t work; being banned from owning property), it began rising up earlier in history and is more anchored in our collective awareness nowadays, as proven by events like the imprisonment of Weinstein.

Meanwhile, what’s our institutions, economies, school systems, work environments, and financial policies built upon? Wounded Masculine energy.

The Matrix is built on the wounded Masculine and fueled from wounding the Feminine. 

When people talk about historical patriarchy, it goes far deeper than mere men in a made-up hierarchy. There are vast spiritual components underpinning mundane societal issues. This is another topic which merits so much more space.

But for now, it is enough to see that the Matrix is a broken, Masculine-based structure that is falling apart. And it’s not falling apart in a completely destructive way (although it may be dramatic and frightening, and all collapses lead to some harm).

Rather, it is falling back into wholeness, by taking apart elements that were forced together rather than authentically assembled, then continuing on with a new paradigm of integrity. (With real-world examples coming up later in this section.)

It’s the fall of a house of cards. Wounded Masculinity has believed it could keep building up, up, and up and never fall. Our society, and especially our economy, is structured this way.

“Our country wasn’t built to be shut down. This is not a country that was built for this. It was not built to be shut down,” Trump said Monday.

– White House officials looking for way to ‘open’ economy without health catastrophe

When you were a kid you may have built tall towers of things stacked upon each other. You know what happens after it reaches a certain height.

Our society has reached that height.

The irreversible collapse of the current debt-based model of national and global economy was always inevitable. It was not a matter of if it would collapse, but when, and when has seemingly arrived.

Tall towers built by the juvenile don’t even need someone to knock them down. The topple over on their own by the laws of physics.

And unsurprisingly, like many Americans and Westerners, the economy has been living paycheck to paycheck, setting itself up for financial ruin at the whims of the wind.

Not weird, but a mirror reflection.

The tumbling economy is a house of cards glued together out of greed and desperation.

It is a dam that only wanted to stand tall and proclaim the achievement that the valley beneath was dry and productive, ignoring the water it blocked from flowing in the first place — water that finds its way through the tiniest of crevices, water that can flow with immense pressure, when it so pleases.

As it concerns the impact of the coronavirus on civilization: I see — both with my own eyes and with referring to legendary prophesies and conspiracies that never needed to have an ounce of validity to them — that the Matrix is falling hard, right now as I write this.

But it’s happening in a way I did not expect!

The dam is breaking, the cards are falling. (Hello Stock Exchange, stumbling over its own records, both positive and negative). But this is not outright devastation. This is rejuvenation.

What the Matrix Dam people failed to point out, was that the valley they created through will and might, is dry, dead, and barren, even if productive on the spreadsheets. It’s a great achievement that produced a negative return for the human condition.

And now, that valley of our society is being flooded with the Feminine, even though the Dam controllers have done their damnedest to keep this valley dry of it.

Financial institutions and businesses are the most rigid, Masculine-based systems in existence, and since we’re in a Wounded Masculine society, a lot of them are someway corrupt, and that corruption has been normalized. They’re all this-or-else and numbers, without appreciation for the infinite units of space in between the digits where we actually live our lives.

Those spaces are now being filled and flexed to the max. We are now flooding together as people, prioritizing safety, welfare, and integrity over canceling a hotel reservation or paying a bill on time.

The Feminine is going to keep pushing until she’s satisfied, and the Masculine systems are going to keep accommodating until they either spill over into new territory and integrity, or break under their own rigidity — being that many of them are so stale and past their expiration date, they are overdue to crack and collapse.

This is not some intangible, spiritual pipe dream. This is happening everywhere as the coronavirus (or at least, its perception) spreads:

  • American internet providers are sustaining service even if unpaid, something that’d plunge you offline pretty quickly during normal business circumstances. They’re also erasing data caps, false limits that were never fully justifiable.
  • Giants from Apple to Microsoft to the NBA have canceled annual, global events, in spite of the negative financial impact, and are taking events online to maintain interaction and connection when possible.
  • Airliners and AirBnB and all types of businesses in between are offering refunds, free cancellations, or other leniencies with their normally-rigid financial transactions, and some are transforming themselves to directly assist medical and essential needs at this time.
  • The United States is getting universal healthcare … even if it is narrowed to the very specific test for this virus … although it’s a bit of a train wreck in true, bureaucratic American fashion … and ultimately too little too late.

The real point here is: Western people are being rapidly accommodated in ways they’re usually ignored, and Western institutions are being rapidly modified in ways they’ve long resisted. 

All for the better and benefit of Humanity at the expense of profit and gain.

And the above examples are just the tip of a growing iceberg.

The Feminine has flooded the rigid and otherwise mundane and monotonous Masculine structures of our society, at a rapid and collective level, for perhaps the first time ever on this scale.

There is going to be a helluva a lot of water damage and rebuilding to do afterward, and there is no guarantee institutions like the Stock Exchange or American for-profit, debt-or-death healthcare will get to the other side of it unscathed and unscrutinized. Much more likely, is these industries fall apart in the midst of this global event and will require restructuring in ways that have been long avoided, simply because we had the luxury of avoiding it. But no more.

However, regardless of potentially-severe discomforts, what will not collapse is Humanity itself.

And the reason why I’m rather bemused and mystified and excited, and not at all doom and gloom, is because this “Feminine sweep” is going to support things as they fall apart.

The House of Cards of civilization is imploding, and that notion would always sound scary. The Masculine especially is freaked out from falling down.

But what we forgot, is there was always a net to catch us. Our civilization has forgotten that when its achievements go barren, there are still waters to bring them back to life and change them for the better.

Humanity has forgotten that it once lived, survived, and thrived without the things that are falling apart.

The Matrix has been fueling itself off our collective ignorance and wounding in order to prop itself up with debt, deceit, denial, depredation, and well-polished decimation.

Such a way of existing always had an expiration date. Understanding this, are you still surprised/fearful to see the economy stuttering on the brink of collapse?

Our society is not only in the midst of the Apocalypse, but at the peak of the Apocalypse. If the Feminine did not exist, this would be armageddon, a downward spiral of hyper-masculinized hell.

But the Feminine exists. And it sends shivers through my body to acknowledge that chronically mismanaged, ill-equipped, corrupted institutions are suddenly rising to the effort to support us, even at their own expense.

These institutions were always designed to do this, technically. A company is built only for the people that inhabit it and interact with it. Without the people, the company doesn’t serve any purpose, and certainly merits not profit. But for too long, many of these institutions have been prioritizing the wrong things, prioritizing their gain at our expense.

Now in the span of days, institutions across the world — governments, businesses, and others — have shifted their priorities to do their actual job by supporting Humanity, even when that support is coming at the expense of their tightly-gripped systems and spreadsheets.

Our rigid, wounded-Masculine society is experiencing a Feminine flood that will fundamentally alter it forever.

This labor of the birth of the Feminine into Masculine society began a while ago. Society just hadn’t recognized that Mother Universe was giving birth. Now, we have no choice but to set aside the things we were caught up in and gather around to witness and support her, and even contribute to her.

Suddenly, the mundane ways of life have been upended and sidelined because the cycles of life has commandeered civilization.

Another way to frame what’s happening is that we are being initiated into being instead of doing as a society.

Not only are the kids home from school indefinitely, while in quarantine you’re also being invited to introspect and contemplate and return to your own inner child; a time and essence where you cared only about what you felt just for the fun of it, rather than what you chose to do to keep a broken system churning, just because you were afraid of it.

If your adult life is structured around your childhood dreams, drives, and desires: congrats. As we exit this spiritual inauguration, you will find ways to return to that stronger than ever.

But if your adult life was built on receiving a false, pavlovian sense of safety and security by trading your finite time and life force for the gain of someone or something else, well…

In due time, the Old Ways won’t make money anymore. Moneymaking will transition to people and places of authenticity that do not contain hidden agendas or prioritize profit over people.

Agendas and ulterior motives are yet another casualty of the Apocalypse, the uncovering. Agendas, motives, secrecy — these will all meet their own apocalypse in due time. And wanting to work only so you can pay bills in a precariously built up system that’s now-collapsing, is also an agenda you chose to run your life from. Its apocalypse was inevitable.

Now, for an everyday person that has read this far, this may all sound pretty scary.

For a spiritual inside-look, contemplate on how the disruption and dissolution of societal systems are directly tied to inner belief systems, and that is what is truly being confronted at this time. Unconscious beliefs about “how life was, how life should be” are going to fall away.

Because no belief system is necessary to live.

Is your life truly at threat here? Or, are your beliefs about living at threat? (Hint: If only up to ~3% of the population will die from this, your life is 96+% likely to not be experiencing a true threat.)

These false systems and senses of security are falling away to re-teach you that your security and safety is a byproduct of your personal integrity and ingenuity, and is compounded by other people knowing the same about themselves.

Every fear and anxiety and charged emotion you have about current events is highlighting where you — a true living being — are plugged into a system that was never alive nor fully humane in the first place.

The fear is derived from this: you are a lamp that has been unplugged, but you haven’t yet accepted that you’re still illuminated without being plugged in. The Matrix has tricked us very well.

The security of your life does not exist in jobs, bills, or debts — it exists inside of you, and magnifies as we all cooperate together.

Maybe you’ve come across the lighting section in Lowe’s or Home Depot. All of those lights, with their shapes and styles and variations, are us.

The Matrix is the electricity system that we plug into — but instead of lighting us up, it dimmed us down. We are the ones keeping the Matrix lit up, not vice versa.

In due time, we will know ourselves to be safe and secure because we are alive and creating our realities together, not because we are plugged into a job-money-system-machine that trades our finite energy for a fiat salary.

A Second Note on Politics

If you would like to see politics even more clearly, consider this: the Democrats are the Feminine branch and the Republicans are the Masculine branch — and they are both increasingly wounded, festering in their own wounds, and wounding the other to avoid healing the self.

Duality politics are nothing more than the ego of American/Western culture, falling apart before our eyes by fighting each other to the death.

Except for now during these novel times, where many elements of each branch are beginning to cooperate for our greater good.

IV.3 The Grand Balancing

Polarity is losing its stronghold among human consciousness and is now in a forced flux, in order to ultimately neutralize itself.

Timelines (ideologies, cultures, ways of life) that once found themselves at odds with and opposed to other timelines, are experiencing a forced coalescence.

I keep hearing “eye of the needle” when I feel into this.

Although there are always outliers, as a whole we are seeing people pull together for the welfare of each other, transcending the agendas and polarities that have consistently kept us divided.

Another possible, positive casualty of the coronavirus is wars ceasing. If the impact perpetuates long enough, countries’ resources will become strained and will have to re-prioritize to matters back home, matters of keeping people alive instead of killing them. World War III has failed to start so many times now, it might as well stop trying. (Re: The desperate forces behind it will at some point give up.)

The global scales have simply tipped now. The Feminine Flood is the reckoning of the Matrix. Only the True Masculine will be left standing; the false, wounded-Masculine structures will ultimately die and dissolve away.

Notice, it is not Nature or even Humanity that’s collapsing — it is the oft-inhumane Matrix systems built atop Nature and usurping our Lives that are being affected by the coronavirus.

Civilization is halting. Humanity is, for once, reckoning with itself. Nature is taking a sigh of relief, fine as ever.

Taking a walk in a park is highly advisable at this time, to re-connect to Nature as we experience a forced disconnection from the Matrix, to find your inner Humanity betwixt those two extremes.

Projector Purpose

If you are a Projector in the system of Human Design, you are likely feeling current events very potently.

I am a 2/4 Emotional Projector. This week alone I have been a member of three separate, large Projector communities, and it’s clear that we get it. We innately and intuitively understand what’s happening, even when our minds are still reeling.

These current events are why our Type even exists on this planet: to guide people out of doing and into being. The do-do-doers are being initiated into being, and we are their guides.

The way that I am feeling this as a Projector is that the feminine essence of our design has been satiated at a societal-level, for the first time in modern history.

Suddenly, we no longer find ourselves grating against the Matrix. The buzz of civilization has calmed down, which has allowed our energy to coagulate and become clearer in its purpose.

With this satiation, I have found that I can lean back into my truth, and from there launch forward into aligned action. Projectors are people of being, and it is now time for many of us to act.

Because this is not the end of activity / society / the Masculine.

This is the crash before a reboot into a whole new world.

IV.4 The Event

If you don’t mingle in spiritual circles and are unaware of this concept: the Event is the theory that a “flash of consciousness” will pulse through us from Higher Up, changing the way we see ourselves and live our lives.

Although we have our free will (and Terrestrials have used it to stay very unaware of what goes on behind the scenes of their planet), there is still a Higher Will that can turn the dial of our conscious awareness way up, so that we become innately abled and qualified to make choices from a truer perspective, with the freedom of our own will.

The Event is turning the dial to 11 so that, through our free will, we see more clearly than we ever have before. A Divine Intervention does not override our free will; rather, it saturates us so that for once, we may choose in concert with the Divine instead of at its expense and consequence.

I do not feel that the coronavirus or the impending societal restructuring is the Event itself. I sense that these are physical-realm reconfigurations that are priming all of us to be able to receive the pinnacle of the Event without an overwhelming shock to our systems. Or at least, current events are being “held” in the container of the over-arching Event, which is playing out in real-time rather than occuring instantaneously.

EDIT 04/03/20: Since writing, my perceptions of The Event have evolved and become more clear. It does seem we have broken the threshold into the “beginning of the Event.” It feels like an eye of the needle moment, which I will describe further in Part II. There are also further related resources at the end of this section.

Have you ever had a flash of psychosomatic memory from a trauma or bad experience you’d long forgotten, until it courses through your nerves like it just happened again? Similar to a panic attack.

Turning the dial of collective consciousness to 11 will bring a lot of these somatic burial sites to the surface of our awareness. It will not be pretty or pleasant. If done too quickly, it could fry the nervous system and send us all insane, or to our deaths from the body giving up.

This is why people on their spiritual journey have been experiencing occasional insanities and mini deaths for years now.

This is why the phase-by-phase dismantlement of the status quo is a productive lead-up to the Event.

People’s awareness is being extricated from the daily humdrum of life on Earth, and is for once focusing on new things. Focusing on new, unexpected things expands consciousness, especially when our individual and mutual survival depends on it. Expanded consciousness can handle the resolution of deeper levels of wounding and trauma.

Below is a synthesis of others’ perspectives regarding the Event.

The Event is a moment when the consensus breaks down; when you are willing to let everybody else go. So, you need an experience where things that currently function in the world: media, the Internet, electronic communications, for a moment breaks down, for a moment is paused, so that you don’t know what is going on beyond your own eyesight, beyond your own earshot, you don’t know what is going on. Then you let the rest of the world go and you focus on your own experience. Well, The Event is very much about that. Letting the world go and focusing on your own experience, Creating what you’re creating and getting what you’re creating.

The Event by Zingdad

And by “drastically” we mean “dramatically”, not in a manner which will cause any major adjustment to the planet’s 3D structure (such changes are occurring in a very “managed” way… we are, in large part, “The Managers”). But it also is affected by hu-being [Earth people] and Hue-Being [starseeds et al.] consciousness. Such consciousness has been rising at an unexpectedly (to us, at least) high rate. This is, in the end, speeding up the awakening of all, and increasing the planetary vibration to such an extent, that a strongly “perceived” breakout is poised to occur.

We cannot say when in the 3D timeframe this will occur, but it is very, very close.

We can only suggest that each of you go within and ask your Higher Self how to best prepare for this “breakout” moment. It is coming.

ÉirePort Group Message and Update, June 1, 2016

Others are getting the cue that the long-prophesied Event is finally nearing and reaching its peak.

“One final thing I want to mention that to me is the most visceral, tangible piece of evidence I have experienced to confirm that this is the beginning of the Event, is the waves of energy. Since last Saturday 14th March I have been feeling these intermittent waves of energy. Every once in a while I have had to lie down and surrender. As a pushing-through, getting-things-done mum, this is unlike me. But the waves of light have been so strong that I have been unable to do anything else. So I am directly experiencing the feeling that I experienced in all of my prophetic Event dreams. … This is the end of the 3rd Dimension. … I am going to be living very intuitively over the coming days and weeks.”

Welcome to The Event, March 19, 2020

Next is an overview of intel by Cobra. His framework is the most ‘scientific’ I have come across in terms of contextualizing the Event within everyday reality.

When asked in a recent interview about stocking up on food, Cobra responded with a greater context of where we are in this process:

I would say you will need to use your own guidance because the situation is quite fluid. Even when this pandemic is over, things will not get back to what they were before. The world as we know has ended. Things are changing now. We are in the final phase. As you are aware of the graph of phase transition, we are in the last phase before the Event. This phase will be very turbulent and surface human society will not be stable anymore from now on.

A New Cobra Interview And a Short Message to the Surface Population, March 20, 2020

This is the graph of transition he’s referencing:

The “final phase” that we are in before the Event is Phase IV (mislabeled Phase VI). Using this model to understand the shifting of consciousness+reality, it appears we have entered this phase only very recently, with the outbreak of coronavirus in the West as of ~March 11th, 2020.

Before continuing, there is one phrase from Cobra that needs contextualized.

  • Bubbles of Heaven: areas of pure Light that exist independently from all matter that was created inside 11th dimensional brane world space time continuum.
    • I’m not going to pretend I fully grasp this. But what I interpret/experience from this definition is that purity of consciousness can be found and felt now, right here upon Earth.
    • I’ve felt these “bubbles of heaven” before. They are divine, in all meanings of the word.
    • It’s likely easier to feel them outside of Matrix structures (cities, buildings) and in Nature. If you need a bubble of heaven right now, get out into nature.

With this in mind, here’s a retrospective of the ever-accelerating timeline up to this point:

  • Phase I began in 2012. (per the Bubbles of Heaven article)
  • Phase II began on January 21, 2019 with the mass meditation at that time. (per the Bubbles of Heaven article)
  • Phase III began on January 12, 2020 with the mass meditation at that time. (per the Blue Dawn article)
    • Per the Bubbles of Heaven article: “This phase sees the thermal flux from the Galactic Central Sun rising exponentially, with more and more Bubbles of Heaven actively forming and matrix society actively collapsing, until the thermal flux peaks at the moment of the Event. / The moment of the Event is the moment of critical thermal flux, the matrix society collapses, the Contact is made, the entropic elements of the old society are swiftly removed, and we enter into the fourth phase.”
    • It appears neither events nor “The Event” have occurred in this exact sequence, though the”pulsing of the Event” has ramped up before a possible impending crescendo. What we are seeing right now is Matrix society collapsing.
  • Phase IV began seemingly in the middle of March, 2020.
    • Per the Bubbles of Heaven article: “Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing.”
    • The above quote is what I have been perceiving and articulating in my own way with the prior sections. Matrix structures are collapsing, but in their place we are finding support, with new energies that will be built upon as we exit this societal volatility.

What remains to be seen is when and how Phase IV will transition into Phase V. I will echo the sentiments of many other psychics and channelers: this has never been done before in the history of life.

We are living out history in real-time now. There is no playbook.

I will close off this section with the following videos by Aaron Doughty. He touches on the Event and related concepts in a grounded and level-headed manner. It’s easy to get lost in the ethers with these concepts, but now we need to be grounded about them, for the ethers are materializing before our eyes.

We are in the moment where conspiracies are no longer theories and prophesies are no longer woo-woo. It’s time to buckle up and get serious with the state of our society, the people we be as reality shifts, and the choices we make toward choosing a new reality.

EDIT 04/03/20: See these resources for further clarification on the energetic weather of current events: by Tina Hammond and Adamu.

IV.5 Front Row Seats

So we’ve got front row seats to the Apocalypse, and best of all, Humanity is going to survive it!

I do not know what this is going to look like. Like I said, there’s a sentiment that “this has never been done before.” I’ve only read and intuited a lot of things, and have personal, beyond-Earth frames of reference to bounce off of.

This report is simply a synthesis rather than a projection. The reason I’m writing now is because people need mental-intellectual-logical guidance through all of this.

There is something different to this, something mysterious, something prophesied.

There are big, seeming-conspiracies playing out that I see with my own eyes which are no longer theories, and there are huge levels of abstract, previously unseen spiritual dynamics sweeping our planet and resculpting our civilization in real-time.

Whether the sweeping, positive byproducts of coronavirus will be short-lived and “things go back to normal” or whether societal systems will collapse in months and ultimately be restructured: right now, today, we are getting a taste of what the future will look like.

It involves facing dark emotions and circumstances that we never wanted to confront.

And it involves prioritizing people over profit.

My big question to Humanity is, once you get a test of these evolutions to mainstream society, are you going to regress back to the way things were six months ago? Back to bitter politics and fluctuating stocks divorced from average lives? Back to work environments that feel like prison sentences? Back to debt devices that are untenable even when there’s not a virus? Back to healthcare as a luxury instead of a matter of mutual survivability?

If we live in this “forced future” for a month, where our habits change in ways that make us appreciate more deeply ourselves and everyone else without the worry of rogue, wounded-Masculine structures and systems biting at our backs, are we really going to accept “going back to the way things were”?

We’re getting the taste of a society with a Feminine foundation, built on principles of humane and spiritual integrity, for an extended period of time.

Are we going to miss the opportunity to staple these new facets of life into the fabric of our society and build upon them even further?

And are we going to take years and decades and generations more to achieve what we need out of our society, when this virus is showing us it can be done in days?

Perhaps we won’t even have the choice.

If any industry collapses — economy, finance, education, airline, anything — there will be sweeping changes, and the new industry will certainly not look like the old one. Not this time.

This time it’s going to be different, because even if the previously-dammed, now-flowing river has its banks revised, those barren valleys are going to remember what it’s like to be replenished.

And my sense is, those valleys of the human condition will not settle for drying out again, just so the wounded Masculine systems can go back to obsessing over their spreadsheets. The Matrix will not be able to rebuild that dam.

We are all being cornered into a society where we must deal with our personal stuff for the greater good, and where the greater good finally outweighs all of our mental constructs for the way things should be.

No matter what happens in the coming months and years, what we can be sure of is there will not be a full reversal back to The Old Ways.

Inside of ourselves, we will remember when we feared for our lives but came together anyway; when our governments actually provided the swift support we deserve and elected them to achieve; when our companies and institutions serve us instead of us being enslaved to them.

It’s so radical, it will be unforgettable.

We’re all going to remember what it was like to taste a society stronger and more meaningful than the humdrum of perpetual economic growth has ever achieved for us throughout the last two centuries.

And many of us will refuse to go back to the old ways.

For the first time and through the haze of fear and chaos, I see everyday people being initiated into a blossoming way of life that I have only ever remembered from that unknown planet whence I hail.

Humanity deserves to live as well as I remember.

That’s why I came here.

To watch it happen.

John Lennon left out a verse. What happens when we’re not the only one, and the dreamers and the deniers start seeing with their own eyes?

What happens when someday, is today?

Well, we’ll just have to stay alert and observant, see what transpires, and contribute where we feel called.

And the people stayed home. And they read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And they listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.

And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live, and they healed the earth fully, as they had been healed.

In the Time of Pandemic by Kitty O’Meara

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