WWSSI: Panic vs Precaution in a Time of Pandemic & Prophesy

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V.1 The Millennials

I’m a 1991 Millennial who lived through 9/11.

However, there’s a whole other breed of Millennial, those born in 2000 and after. These are the true “21st Century Millennials,” and they never knew a time before 9/11, they only grew up in its fallout.

The coronavirus shall shape up to be their 9/11, the event that colors a generation and a globe, and permanently influences how they see the world and influence it.

Here’s one thing I can predict without needing to be a psychic.

If our society does not drastically transform within the next 1-6 months — by restructuring economy, education, healthcare, business, politics, etc to become more humane and less based on profit/polarity-over-people — then all of these industries will ultimately be systematically altered, dismantled, and replaced by the Millennial generation within the next few decades.

If there is no flashpoint apocalypse ordained by divine intervention, if there are no aliens who come to save us from ourselves, if Jesus never knocks at Earth’s door again, and if this coronavirus doesn’t wake up Boomers and other resistors from their dismissive and deadly slumber around healthcare: the Millennials will be the intervention. Maybe not the ones stubborn about losing their spring break, but there are plenty others who see through the way people believe life must be lived and a ready to do something about it. The coronavirus has granted them a visible-to-all platform to act from.

The current state of society will not continue no matter the angle of approach. Within the next 0~50 years:

  • America will gain universal healthcare.
  • Alternative healthcare will become recognized as not just potentially beneficial, but inevitably necessary and integrally complementary.
  • Capitalism will be forced to its knees, and although communism won’t replace it, humanism definitely will alter it at the expense of inane profit. (By now you should be able to understand the fear/belief in Capitalism vs Communism is a false polarity that will collapse under its own weight. Neither are tenable in their extremity. If you fight for one over the other, you will be left at North Pole or South Pole while the rest of the planet enjoys heartier climates.)
  • And more.

My general advice to the Boomers is simply to consider things in context.

Either they can choose to evolve their perspective to be mutually beneficial to Humanity as a whole, benefiting both themselves and others without prejudice; or they can clutch to the past that is already dying in their hands, and Millennials will step over their graves and change everything they stood in the way of in due time.

The future-prohibiting polarization prevalent in prior generations makes my head spin, both as a human and an alien. Not all are resistant to the future, but enough are.

The future is here, and it’s not going away.

V.2 Gilead and the Meaning of Struggle

This is a synchronicity that came up in my life with very precise timing and circumstance. I have no idea what it means — and it may very well be meaningless — but for the spiritually-inclined who live on patterns and symbols, I offer it for its mystery.

Throughout the last couple of weeks I’ve been dealing with insomnia, waking up at 3am from cortisol spikes related to adrenal health. Insomnia wrecks my mind. As you might imagine, mega-articles like this require supreme mental functionality to synthesize and write.

So in the days before the coronavirus breakout, I couldn’t achieve much and isolated myself in my hermit cave to binge-watch The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s been out for years but I had never felt called to it until last week, when I found myself feeling really, really drawn to it.

A quick summary for those unaware: in response to a global fertility crisis, a fanatic, neo-religious cult topples The United States and replaces the continental States with a country called the Republic of Gilead.

Gilead, Gilead, Gilead… I had never heard the word before in my life. This article offers a perspective on the name in relation to the book/show.

But, it’s also associated with the coronavirus. Take a look.

And this Gilead is associated with Bill Gates, who just resigned from the boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway.

EDIT 04/03/20: I was giving Bill Gates the benefit of the doubt, but the pieces are really adding up around him, and not in a good way. I suspect my personal connections are simply reflective of larger connections being made concerning morally illicit intentions, funding, bioengineering, and other tactics.

EDIT 04/03/20: Handmaid’s Tale takes place in Boston, MA, which connects to Charles Lieber, a Harvard professor who was arrested in connection to the transportation of vials from the US to Canada in January. It has not yet been announced, but those vials were very possibly filled with coronavirus. To capitalize on my personal connections in this matter, I had even planned to apply to a Harvard summer class, before schools were closed from the pandemic. And the cherry on top of this is that Bill Gates stepped down from the boards on Friday the 13th. The Illuminati love their dark number magic, and the bad luck associated with this date is likely of their design. Bad luck for us, good luck for them. (It won’t get them far, though.) However, I have no idea what I’d get so many personal synchronicities around this topic.

With my soul being from a more spiritually-advanced civilization, and Earth religion being very foreign (and overall futile) to my spiritual development, the religious context of this word doesn’t lead to any clues of comprehension for me.

The only thing that stood out was: “Gilead may mean ‘hill of testimony’.” I find that phrase interesting.

Because as far as I see, during The Apocalypse (Revelation), there are some very dark beings who will meet their Judgement Day. Metaphorically, it could be likened to putting them on a “hill of testimony” where they “confess their sins.” It’s not just mere testimony, but testimony on a hill, where we can all gather around and witness the testimony as a collective.

Just like the doom and panic is more about them than us, a lot of the evil that’s surfacing into the light is more about them than us. Most Humans are not sick or wicked; although, many have been coerced into sickness and wickedry through the Matrix (the systematic violation of our innocence regardless of source or intent).

Meanwhile, our “judgement” is happening internally, through the collapse of our inner polarity and anti-Humanity, through the falling away of beliefs we mistook for livelihood. But there are beings, organizations, and situations that profoundly deserve to be held accountable for their crimes in a public fashion, something the Apocalypse (uncovering) will certainly culminate with, potentially similar to the Nuremberg trials.

To make a stretch, the Hill of Testimony could even refer to Capitol Hill, where, as we saw with the impeachment process which invoked the Constitution in its purity, testimony can certainly take place. It’s an abstract but interesting tie between the Republic of Gilead and the USA it replaces in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Like I said, these are just patterns/symbols/facts that arose with very precise timing. It’s not the Truth; just intrigue and curiosity. I don’t usually lend my attention or enroll anyone else’s attention in these things until they prove themselves.

But the case of Gilead is just so peculiar. One day I was an insomniac who couldn’t think clearly, and three seasons of TV later where Gilead replaces America, I peeked at the news and saw the world had changed from a virus being worked on by Gilead. Coincidences don’t actually exist (refer to III.1 Introduction to Spiritual Thinking to mull that over). There are energetic ties here, even if they’re more curious than meaningful.

There’s another connection. Although these two maps don’t match literally, it’s very jolting to see the United States mapped out with different boundaries. One map has been redrawn by a new country, the other by a new scenario.

If this inspires thoughts in anyone else, feel free to share.

The only meaning it has for me, is that stories like The Handmaid’s Tale invoke a sense of gravity in my body where “certain things matter because other things have changed” and my priorities get on-point.

The coronavirus situation is the first time I’ve felt this energy outside of a movie or TV show.

That’s how I know This Time Is Different.

Personally, I suspect this energy is related to the 28/38 Channel of Struggle in Human Design, which is defined in my energy chart.

Gate 28 of The Game Player energy is the struggle for the meaning of life, the struggle to find your divine connection. Through the struggle you become incredibly wise about the meaning of life. The shadow side is the fear that life has no meaning.

via humandesign.tools

Gate 38 of The Fighter is the energy to find out what is worth struggling for. It is about finding meaning in life and, through this process, becoming wise about the struggle to find meaning.

via humandesign.tools

Through my ‘research’ of feeling this energy in stories, I’ve become very wise indeed about finding meaning in what feels like the struggle of life. The Handmaid’s Tale was a concentrated dose of pulsing this energy through me.

And then I come out of my cave and here it is in the world. This particular energy was my cue to get moving.

V.3 Recommendations for Lightworkers-turned-Lightleaders

As lightworkers of all kinds, this is the precipice of the Shift in Consciousness that we have been waiting and yearning for. And we do not need aliens or anything else to save us; we need to lead where we feel called.

Since October 2019, the 3D realities of myself and several peers came to an odd halt, especially financially. It felt like we were spinning our wheels. It’s now clear to me that was because this momentous timeline potential was in the ethers and soon to descend upon us. Especially in terms of finances, the last ~5 months (and the years and decades of not fitting into Earth Matrix economy anyway) have prepared us for the financial emotions Humanity is now facing.

To keep things in perspective, understand that this virus and its fallout is more for Earth humans than it is for us.

The Terrestrials always needed a transition period to viscerally shift their energy out of the Matrix humdrum and into new levels of awareness, out of polarity and into unity. This transition was always going to look like something. For better or worse, this is that transition.

It’s unfortunate that it’s involving fear, sickness, and death — but not unprecedented. Humanity is known to be stubbornly invested against its own greater interests. Humanity does not “deserve” this (victim-blaming). But whether by the influence of satanic world-rulers or as the byproduct of a civilization built on ignorance, it’s not hard to see that “this was coming,” that Nature would ultimately choose to balance itself.

Corona Virus is not a “new thing.”

Corona Virus is simply the boiling point; the moment we’ve all been waiting for; the manifestation of a series of repeated harmful actions, taken again and again at the whim of Mother Earth, the Feminine Heart, and the entire Web of Relations.

 – The Invitation of a Lifetime by Pilar Lesko

Already it’s so clear that average, everyday people are revaluating their priorities, strengthening their connections, and looking at things from a new, hyper-aware perspective.

The status quo is on its deathbed. We woke up in the midst of the status quo, because it was our job to, in order to cultivate our development and prepare for this. This immediate and continuing shift is what will be waking up the rest of Humanity in order to bring their minds to attention to that which matters.

If you are a lightleader who’s with family or other Terrestrials, it seems to be because we are acting as their training wheels and transition team. Our time for having an impact by meditating in the woods for ten hours a day away from everyone else is over (although an occasional necessary respite).

Now, we must be with the people. We are no longer working in the shadows of civilization. We are the bridges to the incoming civilization. Our presence matters now more than ever, so consider being wherever you feel called. Especially with everyone’s rote way of life completely upended, our guidance and messages may be received more than they ever have before. (Best of all, there are so many of us and the Terrestrials are so preoccupied with the fall of the Matrix, that a crusade witch-hunt won’t be carried out against us this time.)

We also have a particularly symbiotic relationship with family members and other Terrestrials we may find ourselves with. While they may support our needs on the Material realm, we generally support their needs in the Metaphysical realm, even when they’re unaware of it or dismissive of it.

At this moment in history, the Material and Metaphysical realm are of exactly equal importance. This is a bridging. Soon enough, the priority of the Material will fall away and we’ll all be on a more equal footing as we proceed into the future.

Until then, we do our part.

(Artist Unknown?)

Some Guidance for Lightleaders

Here are some ideas that I feel we would be embodying at this time. This list is not exhaustive, and you’ll likely have your own inner guidance on top of this anyway.

  • Stay calm, especially amid the chaos of others. Your inner state matters now more than ever, and is more impactful than ever.
  • Maintain the higher perspective, especially for those who cannot see it.
    • Talk about things — but if they’re not ready to have their illusion broken, don’t break it. Dismissive denial and existential crises are not conducive to our cause.
  • Process your emotions like it’s a duty. The emotion you resolve today may be the emotion you help someone with tomorrow.
    • Humanity at large is not accustomed to processing their inner (fear) states, especially when that same energy is being clung to by everyone else around them. Put your oxygen mask on first, then be ready for those you interact with if you venture into the world. People are being force-unplugged from the Matrix, and it will take many moments of readjustment to understand that their light stays on without this false plug.
  • Pursue whatever it is you’re feeling called to, both big and small. Your actions matter now more than ever. Your calling is now your destiny.
  • If you are not feeling called into action or it’s unclear to you, sit back, be present where you are, and observe as things play out. Again, current events pertain more to shifting the consciousness of our human peers than it has to do with us.

This is our time.

And it is surreal. My mind has been swimming for years in the knowledge of what is now materializing, and ‘bridging’ is still occurring between all the things I knew but always slightly doubted and all the events in front of me that match what I always knew. After a week it is setting in, but it’s still surreal.

It is advisable that you return to your body repeatedly (walk in nature, take salt baths, breathe consciously) so that your mind can continually integrate with the rapid development of current events and not get lost in pockets of confusion and disorientation.

V.4 04/04 Global Meditation

If you’ve never participated in a global meditation before, now’s the time. What else are you going to do while holed up in prolonged quarantine?

More info here.

V.5 Other Perspectives & Resources

A collection of other links and resources. Some of these are opportunities to use your own discernment.

  • EDIT 04/05/20: A group on Facebook, the Kindness Pandemic, is documenting anecdotes of human goodwill, another great indicator of the progress of collective consciousness.
  • David Wilcock has synthesized current events into a coherent picture with his multi-hour series, The Great Pandemic.
  • EDIT 04/05/20: Here is an article from October 2019 by Kit Walker: Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2020 Vision: the Great Awakening Gets Real. Similar to myself and Wilcock, Walker synthesizes huge amounts of data into a coherent flow that grants vision to a bigger picture. I envy his writing. It is one of the very few works that a) sees/things as big as me, b) brings many disparate points together under one umbrella, and c) has a spiritual integrity that comes through the words and backs up the perspective. By my own standards, I would rate that article at around 95% how I perceive things myself. It could stand in for my own perspectives.

The purpose and mission of humanity to be placed in this “fallen” universe of separateness is that likened unto a retro-virus that heals (antidote or vaccine). You are the bridge between spirit and matter. Your biological, bioetheric and bioauric body template has the fallen angels in a rage of jealousy for you posses something greater than they. You are here on a mission to heal this rift of separation.

Blue Lament for Humanity, Part 2


We are alive in unprecedented times.

Stock up on what you need to. Take rational precautions. Deal with your life’s fires and turmoils. Put your oxygen mask on first and then help those who need it if you can.

But also try to keep calm and enjoy some popcorn too.

If we don’t end up a renewed people with a renewed society by the end of this, I’ll be damned. People have been looking forward to this time for a long, long time. And now we’re here. At some point, prophesy simply comes to pass. The future becomes the new norm.

Feel free to share any comments and questions. What would you like addressed in future parts of When the West Stood Still?

✨ To the Stars and Back ~ Timothy from Truthward.Life

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